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Employees Retention Involves

No description

Ali Raza

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Employees Retention Involves

Concerned Companies
We have visited two organizations formally and one informally, which are as follow.
Sirrat Enterprise.
Factors to Encourage Employees Retention
There are five major factors which organization should promote to retain their employees.

Employee Growth.
That's all for Retention
Any Questions?
Human Resource Management

Syed Ali Salman (10-Arid-1893)
Mubashir Ali (10-Arid-1873)
Haider Abbas (10-Arid-1859)
Hussain Israr (10-Arid-1860)
What is Employees Retention?
The employee retention is the process In which employee’s are encouraged to remain in the organization for the maximum period of time or until the completion of the project .
We can’t stop employee’s from leaving unless we have a plan To make them stay”

Importance of Employee Retention
Reduces the cost of turnover.
loss of company time and knowledge.
Enhances the reputation in Market.
Efficiency is Improved
Basic Questions Asked.
What are main techniques to achieve customers retention?
What are main techniques to achieve employees retention?
Why employees are committed with you?
How you overcome market challenges and competition?
Shah Engineering and Marketing Service, f ormally known as SEMS is one of the leading company of Pakistan for providing innovative marketing and engineering solution of repudiated companies of Pakistan and International companies.
Its head Office is in Sukkar, another main office is located in Quetta. Company also possess regional offices in every region of Pakistan. The one we visited is in Sector H-13 Islamabad.
How they Overcome Employees Retention.
Attractive Salary.
Flexible and rotating job timings.
Special facilities for site employees
Friendly office environment.
Traveling allowance for managers.
Continuous job rotation.
Free food Food and beverages within the office.
How they Retain their Customers
How they Retain their Employee
Peaceful job environment.
Very appropriate timings for mechanics, just need to finish their daily tasks.
Motivation techniques to encourage new employees.
Accommodation for mechanics and labors.
Free beverages and food for mechanics and labors.
How they Retain their Customers
They believe in their customers as they know what type of products, offers and services they provide to their customers.
They provide six months free services and maintenance to their customers.
The also made their reputation in the market of engineering solutions as they provide on time delivery of the generators.
How they retain their Employees
The employees of MIA corp are very loyal to their organization due to some obvious reasons.
MIA corp is offering very attractive job salary.
They are also providing many allowances like health care, traveling etc.
They have made their own travel agency for their employees too attend meetings and promotions in Malaysia.
They also provide the facility to visit Saudi Arabia to few employees every year,
There is very peaceful environment with in the office.
How they Retain their Customers.
Like today's demand, they never compromise on their product quality, maintenance and after sale services.
They also providing services at your door steps. you just have to call.
Sirrat Enterprise
Sirrat Enterprise is a well-known name in the market of Power and Engineering Solution. They import Diesel generators form UK with their alternators ranging from 20KVA to 300KVA, they also provide engineering solution to different telecommunication companies with in Pakistan.
MIA corporation pvt limited is a well-know name in the world of central air conditioning in offices and buildings. They in collaboration with Acson International and McQuay are working hard for the weather you want inside your offices and buildings. They import their equipments from Malaysia.
This is an era in which you either compete or you die.
Therefore, to overcome this challenge and to retain their customers they have used the technique by which they would never loose their customers, and that is to provide the best service on time with most appropriate charges.
That's why they have build a reputation of their name in the market.
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