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Star Wars:

No description

Andrew Propps

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of Star Wars:

On the Galactic Timeline, there's ABY and BBY (After the Battle of Yavin and Before the Battle of Yavin). Return of the Jedi is 4 ABY.
Star Wars:
Post Return of the Jedi
The Timeline:
(4-25 ABY)
New Republic / New Jedi Order
(25-29 ABY)
Yuuzhan Vong War
(35-37 ABY)
Dark Nest Crisis
(40-43 ABY)
Second Galactic Civil War
(43-45 ABY)
(126-139 ABY)
Legacy Era
The New Republic Era
Within days of the Battle of Endor, the Rebellion reforms into the New Republic. After the fall of Coruscant, Mon Mothma becomes the first Chief of State and Admiral Ackbar becomes the Supreme Commander.
The Empire falls into many unorganized categories, each trying to gain control.
Mon Mothma
Gial Ackbar
Empire in Disarray
The first splintered group of the Empire takes a stronghold on Coruscant under Ysanne Isard.
Shira Brie
One of Darth Vader's force sensitive agents, Brie, vows to continue the Sith Legacy.
Once a love interest to Luke Skywalker, she was shot down after he found she was an Imperial spy. Grudgingly, she wishes to inflict pain on Skywalker.
Battle of Mindor (5 ABY)
Another Imperial group, made mostly of Shadowtroopers and royal guards, make a stand on the planet Mindor.
After the Battle, Luke Skywalker retires from the rank of General to become a Jedi Master.
Leader of the Shadowtroopers and force sensitive, Shadowspawn leads the Empire at the Battle of Mindor. He and his men fought to the death, but ultimately he lost the battle, and life, due to General Skywalker and the unlikely help from Mandolorians.
Mara Jade
Part of the Emperor's Hand, a secret assassin society, Mara Jade loses her master at the Battle of Endor but vows to execute her last command and kill Luke Skywalker.
Recapture of Coruscant (5 ABY)
The New Republic defeats Imperial forces and recaptures Coruscant from the clutches of Ysanne Isard.
Sometime after the Battle of Endor, Han and Leia drift. When Leia recieves a marriage proposal from Prince Isolder of Hapes, a jealous Han kidnaps her. They rekindle their love and marry on Coruscant in 7 ABY.
The Princess
Prince Isolder
Isolder was the son of Ta'a Chume, a wicked power hungry ruler. He was made prince after the assassination of his brother by his mother. After Leia's rejection, Isolder married Teneniel Djo and fathered
Tenel Ka
Grand Admiral Thrawn (8 ABY)
Sometime before the Battle of Endor, Admiral Thrawn and his fleet are sent into the Unknown Regions. During their years in the Unknown Regions, Thrawn is warned of a hostile force approaching closer and closer. Upon their return, Thrawn desires to abolish the New Republic and reform the galaxy under his Empire.
Thrawn meets the mad clone of Jedi Master Joruus C'Baoth. Together they pose a formidable force against the New Republic.
Thrawn uses the aggressive Noghri species to improve his military, and ysalamiri to blind him from the force.
Once nearly exterminated by fault of the Empire, the Noghri were lied to by Darth Vader. They believed the Rebellion tried to exterminate them.
A lizard of Myrkr that naturally repels the force
New Allies
Heroes of the Rebellion, Han, Luke, and Leia, fight off Thrawn's forces alongside two new friends in particular.... a smuggler and an ex-Imperial agent.
Talon Karrde and Mara Jade. Karrde formed a friendship with Jade sometime after the Battle of Endor. Jade, looking to lay low, joined Karrde in his smuggling.
When Karrde joined forces against Thrawn, Mara saw a chance to kill Luke Skywalker and followed.
Mixed feelings...
Mara didn't try to kill Luke on their first meeting. In fact, the two grew close as they worked together against Thrawn.
End of the Campaign
Joruus C'Baoth and Thrawn experimented more with clones. Luke Skywalker was cloned, Luuke Skywalker. In a duel, Mara slew C'Baoth and Luuke, fulfilling her master's last command.
Leia began negotiations with the Noghri and was able to show them of Vader's treachery. In an attempt to avenge their people, they turned on Thrawn and fatally stabbed him.
Leia gives birth on Coruscant to a girl,
, and a boy,
, in 9 ABY.
Birth of the Solo twins
Palpatine Returns
Palpatine returns in 9 ABY in the form of clone bodies. Due to his immense dark side powers, the bodies last mere days. He longs to control a powerful force sensitive body.
Luke's Temporary Fall & Another Solo
Palpatine sways Luke to the dark side. Originally Luke agreed in order to get close enough to kill Palpatine. After being confronted Leia, Luke is redeemed and brought back to the light.
On Nespsis VII, Leia gives birth to a third child. Despite Han insisting the child be named Han Jr., Leia names him after his grandfather,
Palpatine's End (10 ABY)
In a desperate attempt to gain a strong body, Palpatine attempts to kidnap young Anakin. Han Solo quickly shoots Palpatine before taking the child. As he lay wounded, Empatojoyas Brand absorbed Palpatine's evil spirit and took him to a world of no return, killing himself in the process.
Kam Solusar
Following a brief encounter with Luke Skywalker involving the dark side, Kam befriends the Solo / Skywalker family.
The New Jedi Order
Luke: "Then I am alone. I am the last of the Jedi."
Obi-Wan: "Not the last of the old Jedi, Luke. The first of the new."
―Final exchange of Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi
Luke begins to rebuild the Jedi Order on Yavin IV. His Jedi Praxeum was based at the old Rebellion outpost. Unlike the old order, the New Jedi Order does not restrict marriage, kids, or one apprentice at a time. Luke encourages his Jedi to expand themselves and learn new force techniques. Arguably, the New Order is much stronger than the Old Order.
Kyle Katarn
Katarn joined the Rebellion in it's early days. He served as part of a special operations group. In the valley of Ruusan, Kyle discovered he was force sensitive.
Rogue Squadron
The alpha team of space battle, Rogue Squadron composed of the best Rebellion pilots. Notable members included Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, and Corran Horn.
Wedge Antilles
Alongside Luke, Wedge was the only Rebel pilot to survive the attack on the first Death Star. He later participated on the run Lando Calrissian made on the second Death Star.
Corran Horn
Born on Corellia, like Wedge and Han, Corran has natural piloting capabilities and is a bit brash.
Jedi Praxeum (12-25 ABY)
In one of the first steps to build the Order, Luke deems it necessary to elevate himself to the rank of Master.
Luke finds many force sensitive beings, including old friends, and begins teaching the first of the new Jedi.
Chief of State
After Mon Mothma's term, the New Republic elects Leia Solo to be the new Chief of State.
Leia rules strong through the relative peace after Palpatine's end.
Prominent New Jedi Order Members
The Older Experienced Ones
Kyle Katarn
Kyp Durron
Imprisoned on the spice mines of Kessel, Kyp grew angry at his captive. Saved by Han Solo, he joined the Rebellion. He gained some fame due to his Imperial bloodlust. Luke trained Durron to let go of his dark energy.
Corran Horn
After retiring from Rogue Squadron, Corran agrees to study to become a Jedi.
Kam Solusar
Remembering Kam's force capabilities, Luke recruits Kam to his Jedi order.
Niece to Admiral Ackbar, she also joins the New Jedi Order. She goes on to become the Order's master healer.
Jaden Korr
Jaden trains under Kyle Katarn. He lives strict to his Jedi Code.
Kyle learns quickly and becomes one of the Order's new masters.
Clighal's apprentice, Tekli, befriends the Solos.
First Generation Jedi
Many young Jedi trainees were brought to the Praxeum including all three Solo children, Tenel Ka of Hapes, Tahiri, Zekk, and Lowbacca.
Jacen becomes an apprentice to Luke and Jaina becomes an apprentice to Mara Jade.
Jacen & Tenel Ka
Jacen and Tenel Ka "crush" at the Jedi Praxeum. In an effort to impress her with his lightsaber skills, Jacen accidentally severes Tenel Ka's arm at the elbow.
Jaina & Zekk
Although Jaina never admitted to anything, she and Zekk became an item.
Anakin & Tahiri
Anakin fell in love with Tahiri the moment he saw her. The two became closer than either of his sibling's interest.
Wookiee. Nephew to Chewbacca. Ginger. Translator droid as a belt (built by Chewie). Jedi.
Jaina helped save Zekk. He grew up in gangs and struggled with the dark side. With the help of Luke and Jaina, he began to work for the light.
Birth of the Imperial Remnant
Gilad Pellaeon and Natasi Daala, former assosciates to Grand Admiral Thrawn and Grand Moff Tarkin, grow tired of the Imperial Moff Council and execute them to take control of the Empire.
In efforts to preserve their Empire by avoiding conflict, they make the first formal alliance with the New Republic.
Gillad Pellaeon
Natasi Daala
Jedi Expansion
Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order grows into a couple hundred capable Knights and Masters.
Luke personally retakes the old Jedi Temple on Coruscant.
Kyle Katarn trains Mara Jade, and Mara even helps Kyle stay on course during doubts with the dark side.
Luke's power keeps growing into unrivaled strength. He once cloaked an entire planet in a force illusion, walked on lava, and even destroyed Vader's temple on Coruscant without touching it.
Leia also begins Jedi training, but doesn't complete due to other political roles.
In 19 ABY, after several years of romantic feelings, Luke and Mara Jade marry. Many see this as hope towards the future due to their past roles in the Rebellion and Empire.
Recovered from an Imperial base, Luke presents Mara with his father's Jedi weapon and his first lightsaber.
Wedge marries Syal
Corran marries Mirax
Chief of State...?
Leia resigns from the New Republic with intention of focusing on other things. Due to an overwhelming plea, she returns to serve another term.
At the end of her second term, Leia is succeeded by Borsk Fey'lya. Fey'lya is a headstrong leader, a bit arrogant, and very proud.
Around this time Mon Mothma passes away and Supreme Commander Ackbar retires.
Other parts of the Galaxy
Boba Fett
Boba Fett fought his way out of the Sarlaac, with fire.
In a final confrontation with Solo, the two finally call a truce.
In the years to come, Boba becomes leader of the Mandolorians, the Mandalore.
Boba's estranged daughter begins to seek him out to kill him for abandoning their family.
A'Sharad Hett
Once a member of the old Jedi Order, A'Sharad Hett went into hiding among Tusken Raiders after Order 66. Angry and aggressive, he went on raids of Tatooine locals. Nearing the Skywalker ranch, he was met by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Confused by Kenobi's presence but still determined, the two dueled and Hett lost an arm.
Disgraced by the Tusken Raiders, he roamed the galaxy and met a secret Sith society in the Unknown Regions around 20 ABY. There he abandoned his identity as A'Sharad Hett for a Sith title.
Nom Anor
Nom Anor was sent to spy on the galaxy known to the Republic. He was working for the mysterious attackers from the Unknown Regions. Not the Sith, but something far beyond.
At age sixteen, Boba temporarily quit bounty hunting and married Sintas Vel. The two had a daughter, Aiyln. Sintas was raped by Boba's friend. Boba killed the man but ultimately exiled himself, the man was a leader of a military group and they vowed to kill Boba if he was ever seen.
Lando marries Tendra
13 ABY
18 ABY
The Yuuzhan Vong
Attackers from the Unknown Regions
The Yuuzhan Vong's own galaxy died. They scouted across the stars to find a new home. They hold little concern for other life. They worship Gods and believe it's their duty to take over the galaxy. Their technology is all organic, weapons and starships.
-a distinct trait among the Vong is their "absence" in the force
Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane
Warmaster Tsavong Lah
Spy Nom Anor
Mastermind Onimi
Appearance & Invasion (25 ABY)
The Yuuzhan Vong made their first step towards capturing the galaxy with the destruction of Serpidal. Using a gravity gun, they pulled the moon of Serpidal down onto the planet, destroying the planet.
Death of a Hero
On a mission to Sernpidal, Han, Anakin, and Chewbacca aided in boarding refugees on the Falcon to escape.
Anakin and Chewie were taking one last look as Han prepared the Falcon when a massive earthquake distanced them from the ship.
Chewie bravely picked Anakin up and threw him on board. Han desperately tried reaching for Chewbacca as Anakin took off, knowing that staying would ensure death. Moments later Chewbacca died as the moon impacted the planet.
Effects on Han
Han blamed Anakin for leaving Chewbacca. His one truest friend was gone. Han went into a drunken stuper, leaving his family temporarily, and thought of giving up the Falcon in honor of Chewie. With bitterness, he instead vowed to use the Falcon to exact revenge on the Yuuzhan Vong.
Effects on the New Republic
With the destruction of Sernpidal, the New Republic realizes how dangerous a threat the Yuuzhan Vong pose.
A Jedi War
The Vong specifically hunt Jedi. They believe their powers in the force is blasphemous to their Gods. The Vong even breed a animal that lives to kill Jedi, the Voxyn.
Corran Horn and Ganner Rhysode are among the first to encounter the Yuuzhan Vong.
Battle of Ithor
Corran Horn challenges Yuuzhan Vong leader Shai to a duel to decide the fate of the planet Ithor.
Corran slays Shai in a short fierce battle but the Vong go back on their world and nearly annihilate the entire planet.
Mara Jade was infected with a fatal disease from the Yuuzhan Vong. Near death, she was finally saved by the knowledge of a Yuuzhan Vong agent, Vergere.
Soon after Mara discovered she was pregnant.
Vergere was an old Jedi Knight who was sent to the Unknown Regions on a mission but never returned. Assumed dead, Vergere actually found the Yuuzhan Vong and was captured and forced to work for them.
Tahiri's capture
Tahiri was captured by the Vong for experimentation. Using scarring and attempting brain wash, Tahiri embraced a Vong identity. Upon her rescue, Tahiri rejected the Vong ways but carried three distinct scars on her forehead.
Battling to the Core (25-27 ABY)
The Yuuzhan Vong battle their way through the Outer and Mid Rim unstopped. Coral Skippers, the Vong's fighter ships, destroy squadron after squadron, Yuuzhan Vong warriors tear down any force brought against them, including the New Republic, the Imperial Remnant, and Boba Fett's Mandolorians. Meanwhile the Jedi are being exterminated by the very lethal Voxyn.
Battle of Fondor
Thrackan Sal-Solo, Han's distant cousin, attempts to use the Centerpoint Station, a HUGE gravity and weapon station, against the Vong. Anakin Solo, feeling the weapon would be too cruel, attempts to stop him. Thrackan hastily aims but still destroys the Vong fleet and accidentally vaporizes two-thirds of a Hapan fleet.
The Myrkr Mission (27 ABY)
Anakin Solo, age 17, plans a mission to destroy the Voxyn queen and end it's threat. Joined by his brother and sister, Tahiri, Lowbacca, Tenel Ka, Zekk, and nine other Jedi Knights, Anakin leads the team into the deadly battle.
Anakin quickly loses the majority of his team in battle. He's impaled while saving his sister Jaina. In a short goodbye to his siblings and a kiss to Tahiri, Anakin waits for the Vong to catch up to them. Already weakened by the wound, Anakin absorbs as much power through the force as he can and goes to slow down the Yuuzhan Vong to give his team a chance. He fights off dozens of warriors before he is overwhelmed and killed.
After feeling Anakin's death, Jaina goes on a dark side rampage and is able to escape with many of the others. Jacen, determined to finish the mission, finds the Voxyn queen and kills her. Jacen is unable to escape and is captured.
Dark Jedi Welk and Sith Lady Lomi Plo escape with an unconscious Jedi Knight, Raynar Thul.
The Myrkr Mission caused Han to lose faith in the Jedi Order.
The Solos
After months of grieving and drinking, Han returns to his family and apologizes. He specifically apologizes to Anakin for blaming Chewbacca's death on him.
Leia soon battles a Yuuzhan Vong warrior and is nearly killed. The warrior had broken her legs and was preparing to kill but Jacen rushed in and saved his mother.
Calling on friends
Lando Calrissian develops new droids specific to battling Yuuzhan Vong: YVH droids.
Talon Karrde offers help to the New Republic as well.
Jaina joins Wedge's Rogue Squadron and joins in the space battles.
Fall of Coruscant (27 ABY)
Within weeks of the fail of the Myrkr Mission the New Republic suffers another siginificant loss.
The Vong capture the capital planet Coruscant.
They begin terraforming the planet into their organic technology.
During the battle, Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya stays behind to face certain death.
After the death of his nephew and the fall of Coruscant, Luke Skywalker reaches his breaking point and goes into a full war mindset. He encourages his Jedi to win at all costs.
After hearing rumor that a Yuuzhan Vong planet was within range, Skywalker forms a small team to find the planet.
While Skywalker coordinates ground battles, Wedge Antilles plays an important role in space battles.
Anakin Solo has a small funeral on Hapes.
Jaina recovers Anakin's lightsaber and gives it to their father, Han.
Han travels to Kashyyyk and places the lightsaber into the memorial of Chewbacca.
Extended Family
Wedge's nephew, Jagged Fel, fights in the war for the Empire. Jaina Solo begins a relationship with Jag, which makes Zekk jealous.
Sith Order
Sometime during the Yuuzhan Vong war, A'Sharad Hett is captured. While imprisoned, Hett meets the Dark Jedi Vergere. A'Sharad Hett reveals his Sith name as Darth Krayt. He and Vergere make plans for growing a New Sith Order. As a favor, Vergere helps Krayt replace his severed arm with an organic one from the Yuuzhan Vong's technology. After the war Krayt goes into the Unknown Regions to begin his Order.
Vergere is also contacted by Vader's former agent Shira Brie, now under the Sith name Lumiya. She convinces Vergere to attempt to bring the captured Jacen Solo to the dark side.
While imprisoned by the Yuuzhan Vong, Jacen is tortured by Vergere. In the Embrace of Pain, Jacen is taught how to turn pain into strength.
During this time, Jacen befriends the World Brain of Coruscant.
Embrace of Pain
Most basically put, it's a torture chair.
World Brain
The World Brain is a terraforming control center, and like many Yuuzhan Vong creations, it is alive.
Escape from Coruscant (28 ABY)
On a mission to track down Jacen Solo, Ganner Rhysode was captured and brought to Coruscant to be sacrificed to the Yuuzhan Vong deities.
Knowing he would not succeed against hundreds of Vong, Ganner used the example of Anakin Solo. Rhysode opened himself fully to the Force and distracted the Vong as Jacen, followed by Vergere, escaped Coruscant. Ganner killed hundreds of Vong and himself when he brought a building down upon everyone inside.
Thanks to his sacrifice, Jacen also was able to sabotage the World Brain against the Vong. Not only did it stop terraforming, it killed many warriors.
With the death of a Chief of State and a lack of unity, the New Republic crumbles.
The heros and officials of the New Republic create a new government with the Imperial Remnant, the Galactic Alliance.
While remaning seperate, the Imperial Remnant for the first time has allegiances to the GA.
The Chief of State to serve the GA is Cal Omas of Alderaan.
The GA also creates a chemical agent, Red Alpha, capable of wiping out the Vong. Luke Skywalker persuades them against using it in hopes of reaching an end to the war with a less cruel manner. While the Galactic Alliance agrees, they continue production with promises of using it if peace is not reached soon.
Cal Omas
Rallying the Galaxy
Inspired and with new hope, the Galaxy calls on it's greatest forces to fight back against the Vong.
These include:
the New Jedi Order
Galactic Alliance
Imperial Remnant
The Mandolorians
Chiss Ascendancy
Hapes Consortorium
Smuggler's Alliance
Battle of Ebaq 9
The Galactic Alliance basically challenged the Yuuzhan Vong at Ebaq. Warmaster Tsavong Lah took a large fleet to decimate the opposition. The beginning of the battle looked rough for the Alliance, but then Vergere rammed her ship into the Vong forces to save Jacen. Losing nearly their entire force, the Yuuzhan Vong were doomed. Jaina, Lowbacca, and Tesar Sebatyne proceeded to duel and slay Lah.
Zonama Sekot
Zonama is the planet itself. Sekot is the living intelligence of the planet, like one giant organism. Zonama Sekot is capable of traveling through space.
Luke Skywalker travels to Zonama Sekot with Mara, Jacen, and Jedi Knight Saba Sebatyne. Saba is the mother of Tesar, one a the survivors of the Myrkr Mission. Sebatyne, through the force, understands the planet and is able to communicate.
The Jedi learn that Zonama Sekot was a seed to the Yuuzhan Vong's original homeworld, Yuuzhan'tar.
The Yuuzhan Vong divided
With the death of Tsavong Lah, Nom Anor attempted a coupe. When it failed, Overlord Shimrra called for Anor's head.
Hiding in Coruscant's underworld, Nom Anor grew a force of Yuuzhan Vong known as the Shamed Ones.
The Shamed Ones wanted peace with the Galactic Alliance after seeing the war would be loss; aside from Anor, who still hoped to gain control of Shimrra's forces.
Battle of Yuuzhan'tar (29 ABY)
Luke unleashes great power upon the Vong. He sends force impulses into the ground which kill Vong close to him. The most impressive skill is his speedblitzing. Luke was described as an all powerful fully controlled warrior who was so fast and powerful it was the equivalent of twenty, perhaps thirty Jedi Knights.
Jacen and Jaina Solo help their Uncle Luke battle a way into the Vong temple.
Once inside it is revealed that Shimrra was a puppet leader controlled by mastermind Onimi.
Jacen temporarily becomes one with the force as he duels Onimi. Onimi is killed on Jacen's pure force energy.
Last Attempt
In the downfall of Yuuzhan'tar, Nom Anor tries one last time to take control. Realizing the failure, Nom Anor doesn't flee his ship as it is destroyed.
Peace Treaty
After the battle, the Yuuzhan Vong and Galactic Alliance sign a treaty.
The Shamed Ones gain control of the Vong who are sent to Zonama Sekot to live under the watchful eye of both Jedi and the GA.
Once in Shimrra's temple, Luke duels and slays the Yuuzhan Vong Overlord with decapitation.
Solo / Skywalker family in 25 ABY
In the short 4 year war against the Yuuzhan Vong, the Galaxy suffered billions of deaths.
The Solo family took a hard hit with the death of Chewbacca and Anakin, and lost nearly two years with Jacen due to his capture. Their estranged son was described as a darker person upon his return.
The Skywalker's son, Ben, feared the force due to it's shown violence in the war. He tunes it out.
Luke's Jedi Order became obsessed with defeating the Vong at all costs and lost their way. Luke tries to rebuild the sense of morality.
Luke names Jaina the Sword of the Jedi due to her control and following the Jedi Code towards the end of the war. He prophesies that she will be a powerful Jedi who fights her whole life for the peace of others. She also loses her relationship with Jagged Fel in the end of the war.
Jacen decides to go on a "Force Odyssey" to discover many techniques and learn it's nature.
Shortly before the Myrkr Mission, Mara gives birth to a son.
In memory of Luke's old master, they name him
Jacen leaves
During Jacen's five year Force discovery, he rediscovers old force techniques and creates some new ones.
Shatterpoint-The ability to destroy solid objects with a touch
Flow Walking-The ability to revisit the past in real time, cannot effect the present
Teleporting small objects
Void in the Force-The ability to erase one's self from the force on command
Insanity-probing the mind of an individual until irreparable damage
Shorting electronics-like cameras while sneaking
The Call (35 ABY)
Jacen's studies are cut short in 35 ABY when he and the other members of the Myrkr Mission are called to the Chiss Ascendancy's border by an irresistable call.
Upon arrival they learn that a Killik hive, a giant bug society, are attempting to expand into the Chiss borders.
The Chiss threaten war if the Killiks do not return to where they came from. The Jedi are brought to serve the Killiks under UnuThul, the Joiner King to the Killiks who was once the Jedi Knight Raynar Thul. Raynar was part of the Myrkr Mission. He was abducted by Dark Jedi Welk and Sith Lady Lomi Plo. Their ship crashed and burned into the Killik territory. Raynar was saved and turned into the Killik leader.
Lomi Plo and Welk disappeared.
UnuThul, with burn scars of his crash.
With the disappearance of eight Jedi Knights and no apparent reason, Luke, Mara, Han, and Leia personally travel to the Killik nest to find the Jedi.
Upon arrival they find every surviving member of the Myrkr Mission, aside from Jacen (who hadn't arrived yet) and Tenel Ka (who stayed on Hapes as Queen), to be a Joiner to the Killiks. Joiners are part of the Colony and almost able to read each others mind. Given their relationship, Jaina and Zekk become even closer than the other Joiners. Upon arrival, Jacen had an opposite reaction to the Killik Nest. He resisted and later fought against the bugs.
Worried and annoyed, the Solo / Skywalker family tried to call the Jedi back with little success. Luke grew particularly frustrated due to the fact his Jedi Order were still behaving under no strong command, like with the Yuuzhan Vong war.
Most of the Killik nest were green but the Skywalkers noticed that hostile blue bugs began assasination attempts on their family. When Han and Leia left, Jedi Knight Alema Rar tried to kill the Solos. She was discoverd to be part of the Dark Nest, the Gorogs. While the Solos dealt with Alema, the Skywalker were horrified to learn that Ben had befriended a Gorog. Mara was able to defeat the Gorog but didn't kill it due to Ben's friendship.
More Confrontation
Chief of State Cal Omas and the Chiss Ascendancy leader visited the Jedi Temple to demand the removal of the Jedi Knights. Luke, who liked Omas, told him that he agreed they should leave but also warned that Omas did not control the Order.
During this time, Jacen went to Queen Mother Tenel Ka of Hapes to gain support for the Galactic Alliance. She agreed under the condition that Jacen stay the night with her.
Later Jacen revealed a few of his new techniques, impressing even Luke.
The Chiss
Very structual and militaristic, the Chiss were a species known for their respect and policy of not attacking first. When threatened they jumped into action and often conquered their enemies. Grand Admiral Thrawn, a Chiss, was considered a disgrace for attempting to dominate the Galaxy.
Attack on Saba
Saba Sebatyne stayed with the Killiks to investigate the Dark Gorog Nest. While investigating, she came across the Dark Jedi Welk. The two dueled and Welk escaped. Saba suffered major injuries and was flown out the nest.
The Battle of Kr & Relocation
After Saba confirmed that Welk was behind the Gorogs, Luke suspected Lomi Plo survived too. He, Mara, Leia, Han, Kyp Durron, Kyle Katarn, a healed Saba, and newly appointed Master Tresina Lobi attempted to wipe out the Gorogs and Welk.
After Luke and Mara crashed their Stealth X's into the Gorog hive, the Falcon went in to pick up the Master Skywalkers with reinforcements.
Luke and Mara battled their way into the core of the nest, followed by the others, and Luke found Welk. The two dueled quickly and Welk fell on Luke's blade.
During the battle Luke was astonished to see Mara use force lightning on Welk, convincing him that his Order had fallen even further. Also, Alema Rar disappeared without a trace.
UnuThul was brought to see the Dark Nest, he previously didn't believe it could exist without him knowing. Also revealed was that the Gorog infants fed on captured Chiss from previous engagements.
Seeing it had gone to far, UnuThul agreed to let the Hapan fleet transport the Colony to a different part of the Galaxy.
Stealth X
The Jedi create a custom Jedi starfighter based off an X-Wing. Accomodating the force and focusing on stealth, they become the favorite ship of the Jedi.
The Solusars
Kam falls in love with fellow Jedi Master, Tionne. Tionne serves as the New Jedi Order's librarian. The two focus on training younglings. They relocate to the Jedi Academy on Ossus.
The one year peace
After the battle, Jaina and Zekk were dismissed from the Killik nest by UnuThul after feeling betrayed by their Jedi loyalties.
Seven year old Ben Skywalker connects with Jacen in a way Luke and Mara had never seen. Jacen becomes Ben's informal Master and begins teaching him the ways of the force.
Tenel Ka calls Jacen to Hapes for a private meeting. Jacen goes to find that Tenel Ka had mothered a daughter,
. Ben barges in, to the dismay of Jacen. Soon after, hundreds of Gorogs swarm all four of them. With clear intent of harming his daughter, Jacen temporarily uses all his power to save her, even the dark side. Ben, still attached slightly the nest, is knocked unconscious by Solo for trying to defend the bugs. Afterwards, Jacen learns the attackers were sent by Ta'a Chume, Tenel Ka's grandmother. Tenel Ka and Jacen keep the child's identity a secret, fearing that the anti-Jedi Hapans would fear their Queen was serving Jedi interests and attempt more assassinations. Jacen also memory wipes Ben so he would forget Allana and the attack.
Enraged, Jacen goes to Ta'a Chume and uses the torturous Force Insanity. Unable to resist Jacen's strong presence, Ta'a Chume's mind shuts down and she goes into a coma for the remainder of her life.
Call to Ossus (36 ABY)
In 36 ABY, Luke learns UnuThul's "calling" technique, amplifies it, and calls every single Jedi to the academy on Ossus. The only ones not to attend are Jaina and Zekk, who "rebel" because they were still upset with Luke's decisions on the Colony. There Luke announces that he is disappointed in the Jedi morality. He organizes the Order under guidelines, reconstructs the Jedi Council, and names himself Grand Master. After his announcement he asks any Jedi that objects to leave the Order. Tenel Ka leaves to fully commit herself to Hapes, along with a small handful of rogues.
Leia asks to finish her training under Saba. Saba humbly agrees, saying it would be a honor to train the Grand Master's sister and hero of the Galaxy.
New Council
Luke & Mara Jade Skywalker
Kam & Tionne Solusar
Kyle Katarn
Kyp Durron
Corran Horn
Kenth Hamner
Saba Sebatyne
Octa Ramis
Tresina Lobi
The Swarm War (37 ABY)
The Killiks once again agitate the Chiss by moving back to their border, under influence of the Gorog. The Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant aide the Chiss as they begin destroying the Killiks.
Like before, the Skywalkers and Solos jump into the battle to destroy Lomi Plo, Alema Rar, and the Gorog nest.
Luke perfects a Jedi form of lightning called Electric Judgement, instead of torturing the enemy it kills instantly, and used it against two giant Gorogs.
Leia confronts and bests Dark Jedi Alema, earning her a new status as Jedi Knight.
In another attack on the Gorog nest, Luke finally faces Lomi Plo and kills her. With the Gorog's Host gone, the Gorog become docile again. Convinced the same could happen with UnuThul, Luke knocks Raynar unconscious and takes him back to Coruscant to be healed into his former self.
Jaina, Zekk, Tahiri, Lowbacca, and the other Myrkr Mission members are temporarily sent to Dagobah to meditate as punishment for disobeying the masters. There they break their Joiner bonds, however, Jaina and Zekk still remain closer than ever.
Removing the Problem
R2-D2's Hidden Holos
All their lives, Luke and Leia did not know the true identity of their birth mother. Luke accidentally stumbles across a brief hologram of his father Anakin with a young dark haired woman. Intrigued, Luke begins pushing for more recordings. Throughout the entire Killik Crisis, Luke argues with Artoo about playing them. Artoo resisted due to the sadness he knew Luke & Leia would feel upon seeing Anakin going to the dark side and the death of their mother. Through Luke's persistance and a little help from Jacen on embracing pain, Artoo finally cracks and Luke sees many scenes. He sees he father becoming more and more distant, he sees Padme grow sad in the waning days of the Republic, he sees his old master Obi-Wan duel Anakin on Mustafar, and finally sees his mother die in Vader's rage.
Han & Leia
Still healing from her encounter with the Yuuzhan Vong, Leia decides to take a short break from fighting. Accompanied by Han, the two work to close the rift in their marriage caused by Han's grief.
The Skywalkers ask the Solos to take care of Ben during the next few months and the three form a close bond.
Leia's Bodyguards
Leia gains a pair of personal Noghri bodyguards, Cakhmaim and Meewalh.
Formation of the Confederation (40 ABY)
Corellian uprisings started to rise against the Galactic Alliance. They didn't gain any momentum until they gained support from others systems like Bespin, Fondor, and Bothawui. Lumiya, using deception and trickery, was the secret driving force of their rebellion. Prime Minister of Corellia, Aidel Saxan, was influenced by Han's distant cousin Thrackan Sal-Solo. Sal-Solo, motivated by his personal strive for power, wanted to seperate the Confederation from the Galactic Alliance. The GA desperately wanted to keep the Confederation in their government and the two started feuding.
Corellians, Han, Wedge, and Corran sided with the Confederation. The Jedi sided with the GA.
On a mission to Corellia, Jacen and his padawan Ben find that the Corellians were building weapons in preparation for war. When the Galactic Alliance heard rumors of the Corellians using their giant superweapon against the GA, they devised a plan to disable the weapon.
Jacen and Ben infiltrated Centerpoint. Jacen distracted the soldiers on Centerpoint while Ben disabled the weapon, setting the Corellians back several months. During the mission, Jacen attempted to kill Thrackan Sal-Solo in cold blood.
Back on Coruscant, many Corellians began terrorist bombings.
Bigger than the Death Star, Centerpoint was a giant gravity gun and laser gun. Centerpoint is capable of pulling ships out of hyperspace, pulling planets, and it's gun can destroy large fleets.
Unlike the Death Star, which was built twice and destroyed in a matter of 30 years, Centerpoint has existed before the dawn of the Republic. It was estimated to be 30,000 years old.
The Dark Man (40 ABY)
Luke Skywalker begins having visions of a shadowy figure ruling the Galaxy. Mara Jade tries to comfort Luke but he begins meditating and trying to figure out who he is.
Jacen also has a similar vision. Unlike Luke, Jacen sees his daughter Allana serving under the shadowy man. Jacen vows to change this vision, fearing it may be the future.
Attack on Toyraz Station
Hoping to avoid a conflict all the Solos, Skywalkers, Corellian Prime Minister Aidel Saxan, Cal Omas, and Imperial Remnant head Gillad Pellaeon come together to hold peace talks.
While sleeping, all members were attacked by suicide soldiers. The Jedi were able to stop them quickly but Saxan and Pellaeon's double were assassinated.
Corellians instantly blame the GA for the assassination of Saxan. With her death, Thrackan Sal-Solo becomes prime minister.
With hope of peace now erased, Luke assigns Jacen to finding the person behind the attack.
The last full family dinner, excluding Anakin, of the Solo / Skywalker family.
During the dinner, Han and Luke fight over the tensions between the GA and Corellia.
Zekk, Jacen, Jaina, Leia, Meewalh
Han & Threepio
Artoo, Mara, Ben, Luke, Cahkmaim
Jacen and Ben, with the help of fellow Jedi Nelani Dinn, quickly learn the identity of the attacker, Brisha.
Brisha convinces them to take her to a lone asteroid. The Jedi sense dark energy but reluctantly go.
Brisha seperates Ben from the group. She then begins speaking of the Sith and Jacen's vision. Brisha reveals herself as Lumiya.
Listening in hopes of learning how to stop it, Jacen allows Lumiya to continue. Sensing that Lumiya was turning Jacen dark, Nelani pleaded Jacen to arrest her and depart. Jacen assures her that he is only listening to Lumiya. Lumiya continues. Fed up, Nelani strikes at Lumiya. Jacen stops her, and kills her.
Jacen becomes Lumiya's apprentice. When he returns to Ben, he tells him Nelani was killed by Brisha and that he killed Brisha.
Reorganizing on Coruscant
Upon returning, Jacen joins the newly formed Galactic Alliance Guard as Colonel. The GAG focus on stopping Corellian forces. Feeling hurt by betraying his Corellian bloodline, Han unsuccessfully attempts to sway Jacen out of leading the GAG.
Jacen, Ben, and the GAG begin raids on any suspected Corellian Confederation suspect and confine the Corellian sector of Coruscant. The Corellians begin calling Jacen Darth Vader and the GAG the old Empire.
The Imperial Remnant becomes split as Cha Niathal takes control after Pellaeon resigns in part to Jacen's promotion.
Cha Niathal
GAG Trooper
Colonel Solo
Han and Leia visit Tenel Ka on Hapes. As they departed, an assassination attempt was made on Tenel Ka. Knowing his father was a proud member of the Confederation, Jacen suspected his own parents of the attempt.
As the Millennium Falcon fled Hapes, Jacen order his personal star destroyer gunners to blast the Falcon. Meewalh and Cahkmaim attempted to save the Solos by firing back but were incinerated as the Falcon's turrets were blown apart. The Solos escaped.
Colonel Solo orders arrest warrants against his parents.
Han and Leia were shocked to find out Jacen ordered the attack against them. Killing the Noghri and attempting to kill them, they begin to see that Jacen is a different man than what they had raised.
Ben and the GAG
Ben Skywalker, age fourteen and naive to Jacen's descent, takes part in many of the GAG missions. He befriends Lon Shevu, a realist to both sides. Shevu teaches Ben the trade of soldier and spy.
The GAG continues to raid Corellians and begin more harsh punishments. Ben notices Jacen begins killing those who could be subdued with some effort.
In a typical raid, Jacen captures a bounty hunter for the Confederation, Aiyln.
Boba & Mirta
Around 40 ABY, Boba Fett's cloning effects cause a disease that estimates killing him within two years. Determined not to die, Fett sets out to find some of the original cloning Kaminoans, including Taun We. Worrying he may die, Fett also begins seeking out his estranged family. He knew Ailyn was out looking to kill him but knew nothing of Sintas Vel.
Boba is found by Aiyln's partner, Mirta, and says she can help Fett find Sintas if he helps free Aiyln from Solo.
Before setting out to free Mirta, Boba and Mirta track down an original clone. Calculating the clone would be over 140 years old, Boba finds hope to slowing or curing his illness.
They find the clone, alive and healthy, and obtain a blood sample to help Boba survive.
Dur Gejjen Plans
On Corellia, Han and Leia are approached by Thrackan Sal-Solo's successor, Dur Gejjen. Gejjen asks the Solos to kill Thrackan. Han, still angry at Sal-Solo for wronging his family in the past, agrees to think about it.
As Han walks and ponders his choices, Boba and Mirta come to him and demand that Solo ask his son to release Aiyln. Solo promises Fett Aiyln if Fett helps assassinate Thrackan.
Han, Boba, and Mirta sneak into Sal-Solo's estate. In an emotional attack on Boba, Thrackan reveals that he sent Aiyln on the bounty that got her captured.Han readies himself to kill in cold blood as Mirta shoots Thrackan in the forehead.
Ben Skywalker becomes uncomfortable with the GAG for the first time during the interrogation of Aiyln Vel. He witnesses Jacen screaming like a madman and is horrified when Jacen begins force slamming Aiyln's head into the table.
Ben leaves the room but remains sitting outside. He listens as Jacen uses Force Insanity on Aiyln. Unlike Ta'a Chume, Jacen doesn't stop. Soon Ben hears nothing coming from the room and Aiyln is dead.
Han comms Jacen after the assassination of Thrackan to discuss the release of Aiyln to Boba Fett. Jacen, slightly worried upon learning Fett was the father, informs Han that Aiyln died.
Fett becomes eerily calm and Mirta becomes erratic. Back on Slave I, Fett's ship, Boba learns that Mirta is Aiyln's daughter, his granddaughter.
Testing Luke
Luke's visions of the dark man intensify as Jacen falls deeper to the dark side.
Jacen, feeling invincible as his powers continue to grow, decides to test Luke. He sneaks Lumiya in disguise into the Jedi Temple and right in front of Luke.
Luke could feel Jacen's darkness, but dismissed it due to his optimism in his nephew. Clearly disturbed and looking for the greater source of darkness, Luke briefly greets Jacen and the disguised Lumiya and continues searching.
Ben Skywalker
Alema Returns
Jacen used the World Brian against the Corellains. He used it to find terrorist sources.
While talking to the World Brain, Alema followed Jacen in an attempt to kill him. Missing a shot, Alema killed the World Brain. Upon future exchanges with the Lumiya, Alema reveals she joined a Sith Order from the Unknown Regions.
Alema meets up with Lumiya. The two murder Jedi Master Tresina Lobi. Luke investigates with Leia and Mara and senses Lumiya has returned. In a surprise attack, Lumiya attacks Luke and Alema attacks Leia. Both Sith flee after being unable to defeat the Jedi.
Within the next year, Jacen and Cha Niathal overthrow Cal Omas from office.
Lumiya urges Jacen to make Ben his Sith apprentice. Jacen sends Ben Skywalker on a mission for Lumiya. He is sent to Korriban, the Sith world, to find a Sith Meditation Sphere for Lumiya. Ben successfully returns in the ship. Ben's faith in Jacen begins to wane as he becomes more and more corrupted. Jacen senses Ben is too pure and looks for other candidates.
Ben attempted to arrest Han & Leia aboard the Falcon, injuring Zekk in the process. Jaina subdued and took Ben to back to Coruscant.
On his last mission for the GAG, Ben Skywalker assassinates the Corellian Prime Minister Dur Gejjen. Haunted by cold blooded killing, Ben confides to his mother, Mara, and quits the GAG.
Ben becomes upset as his parents seperate him completely from Jacen. Even with his wrong-doing, Ben wanted to keep being Jacen's apprentice.
Mara decides to intensify her hunt of Lumiya, leaving home and going out after her. Jaina offered Mara Jade help but was told to hunt for Alema Rar instead.
Mara Jade
Luke & Mara
Luke and Mara start hunting down Lumiya for fearing she is influencing Jacen.
Jacen opens a rift against his sister, Jaina, by relieving her of duty when she doesn't follow his command of shooting down a defenseless Confederation ship.
Ben discovered Jacen and Lumiya are related through affiliation. He confides this to his mother as well.
Lumiya and Mara fought in Hapan space with neither the victor and both wounded.
Mara Jade then finds Jacen too, visiting Tenel Ka. Mara confronts Jacen and warns him of dealing with Lumiya. Jacen brushes her off. Convinced he is involved with the Sith and a threat to their entire family, Mara shoots down Jacen's ship onto a nearby planet.
On the ground, Mara and Jacen engage into an all out brawl. Jacen flees into caves. Mara follows and is able to bury Jacen in rocks from the roof. With a blaster she goes to finish him off only to lose her blaster and balance as Jacen force repulses everything off of his body. The two re-enter lightsaber dueling. Seeing he would lose, Jacen cast a force illusion over his face of Ben Skywalker. Startled and hesitant, Mara loses concentration for a split second and Jacen blows a poison dart into her leg.
"You think you've won, but Luke will crush you... and I refuse... to let you... destroy the future... for my Ben."
-Mara Jade Skywalker's last words
Luke, following Mara and in Hapan space, feels Mara's last action as she ruffles his hair in the force and realizes his world had ended.
Ben also senses Mara's death as she whispers his name through their force bond.
Everyone else in the family feels Mara vergence in the force and immediately come to comfort Luke.

Luke settles on Hapes in Tenel Ka's palace as his family comes in to support him. Jaina, the first to arrive, announced she was ready for any task he could give her. She wanted to be the Sword of the Jedi.
Instead of becoming one with the force, Mara Jade left her body to found in hopes of her family finding evidence Jacen killed her.
Ben, one of the first on the scene, grows suspicious of Solo after examining the fight. While everyone believed Lumiya behind Mara's death, Ben believed the damage was too great to have come from Lumiya.
Back on Coruscant, Mara proper funeral is held in the Jedi Temple. Nearly the entire Order as well as many high ranking officials, including Colonel Solo and Cha Niathal, attend.
Leia, who was supposed to give a eulogy to her fallen sister-in-law, is stopped by GAG officers, under Jacen's orders, as she and Han attempt to attend the funeral. The Solos, refusing arrest but not wanting Mara's funeral the become a battle scene, flee the Temple and leave Coruscant. Realizing Leia would not be coming, Saba Sebatyne improvises Mara's eulogy. In hopes of giving a clue to her family, Mara becomes one with the force as Jacen arrives.
Shortly after the funeral, Luke denounces the Jedi Order from the Galactic Alliance.
Jaina, Zekk, and the reappeared Jagged Fel track Alema to Ossus. Staying in the Jedi Academy there, Jaina is outraged when Colonel Solo orders the academy on lockdown. Fearing the lives of the younglings, Jaina and the Masters Solusar comply with the GAG.
When Luke reveals the Jedi are no longer involved in the GA, Jacen orders the GAG to kill the Jedi.
With the heavy loses of Jedi younglings, the near death of Kam Solusar by snipers, and the mutilation of Tionne Solusar, Jaina and the fellow Jedi defeat the GAG forces.
Upon recovery, Tionne gains many cybernetic replacements.
Birth of Caedus
Upon Jacen's personal Star Destroyer, the Anakin Solo, Lon Shevu, trying to help Ben, records a conversation with Jacen.
Jacen not only reveals himself as Mara Jade's killer, but announces his new Sith name, Darth Caedus.
In effort to take away suspicion from her apprentice, Lumiya comes to the Grand Master and taunts him into a fight. After bragging about killing Mara, Luke goes into a frenzy. Driving her back to the edge of a cliff, Luke disables her. Lumiya stumbles over the edge and to her surpise is saved as Luke pulls her back. Defenseless, Lumiya suffers Luke's rage and is decapitated and thrown over the edge.
On Kashyyyk, Han and Leia, later accompanied by Luke and Jaina, swayed the Wookiees into fighting against Caedus.
Ben Skywalker confronted Caedus over Mara Jade's death and was captured.
Caedus then went to Kashyyyk. When he unsuccessfully tried to gain the Wookiee's support, he opened fire on the planet with his fleet.
Luke and Jaina attempted a raid on Caedus' ship, the Anakin Solo. After dogfighting with Caedus himself, Jaina accidentally shot Luke's Stealth X causing it to explode. Leia, Jaina, and Jacen all felt Luke's force presence collapse as the flames engulfed his ship. Horrified and sick, Jaina went to her parents back on Kashyyyk.
Darth Caedus then went to Ben, who was in the Star Destroyer's torture room, to brag that Luke was now dead.
Unconvinced and feeling Luke's presence stronger than ever, Ben kept threatening Caedus. Realizing Luke mastered Caedus' void in the force technique to only open himself to his son, Ben knew Luke had decieved Caedus and was on board the Anakin Solo. Luke, catching Caedus unprepared, freed his son and greviously injured his nephew but stopped short of killing him. Seeing that Luke had already used the dark side against Lumiya, he realized killing Jacen would send him farther into the dark.
Luke and Ben escaped back to their family.
New Apprentice
Using her feelings of guilt and sorrow, Caedus persuades Tahiri Veila, Anakin's former girlfriend, into becoming his new Sith apprentice.
Turning the Tide (41 ABY)
Seeing Jacen descend to the dark side, Queen Mother Tenel Ka withdraws the Hapan fleet from the Galactic Alliance.
Outraged upon losing Tenel Ka, Caedus infiltrates her palace and kidnaps their daughter Allana.
Second Battle of Fondor
The Galactic Alliance Guard loses more of their force at the Second Battle of Fondor.
Cha Niathal seperates herself from Jacen, taking a third of the GAG with her. Natasi Daala joins Niathal with her fleet.
Aboard his personal Star Destroyer, Gillad Pellaeon recieves orders from Colonel Solo through his apprentice, Tahiri.
Refusing to cooperate, Tahiri shoots the man under Caedus' orders.
With the death of Pellaeon, the Imperial Remnant comes under Cadeus' control.
Destruction of Centerpoint
Correllian terrorists attempt to destroy Coruscant with Centerpoint Station. Setting the coordinates to (0,0), they fired the station. What they didn't realize is that Centerpoint's coordinates are relative to itself, so the station fired upon itself, killing everyone aboard and effectively destroying Centerpoint.
Three Way War
Luke and the Jedi form a third side to the war, the Jedi Coalition. After the Second Battle of Fondor, Daala's forces and the Mandolorians join the Coalition.
Boba & Mirta
Since Ailyn's death, Boba and Mirta return to Mandalore. Trying to be more family oriented, Boba builds a relationship with his granddaughter.
While staying on Mandalore, Mirta marries fellow Mandolorian, Ghes Orade.
Jaina, Zekk, and Jagged Fel continued tracking Alema after the Ossus incident. Following her to Lumiya's mainstay, the three found her and began fighting. Alema quickly disabled Zekk. Jaina was being beat until Jag, using Mandolorian armor, tackled her. He used Mandolorian crush gaunlets to snap the Twi'lek's neck.
The Imperials began forming nanoviruses against bloodlines. They captured Prince Isolder of Hapes to use against the Hapan fleet.
Tenel Ka went to Luke for help getting Allana back. Luke agreed to lead a small strike team into the Anakin Solo to find the Hapan princess. Luke, Ben, and Saba had the job of distracting Caedus. Luke made Caedus look like a frantic lunatic when he created a force illusion of a large fleet in the viewports of the Anakin Solo. Feeling foolish, Solo realized Luke had specified the image directly to him.
While the others distracted, Han & Leia recovered Allana and learned they were her grandparents.
Attack on Caedus
Jedi Master Kyle Katarn and three Jedi Knights, including Corran Horn's son, Valin, attempt to kill the Sith Lord on Coruscant.
Caedus sustains some wounds but manages to decapitate one of the knights and stab Kyle through, almost killing him. Valin and the remaining Jedi flee with the injured master.
Confederation Ship
Sword of the Jedi
After Luke states he will not kill Jacen, nor let Ben, in fear of them falling to the dark side, Jaina begins training to defeat Darth Caedus.
Training with Luke, Jaina learns many useful force techniques that both he and Caedus used including Shatterpoint, Force Illusions, and the "Void in the Force."
After Jagged Fel defeats her in practice combat, Solo realizes she was preparing to fight a Jedi fight. Fel reasons with her, telling her she would be fighting an opponent of trickery and quick thinking. She then goes to Boba Fett for training. Fett accepts the offer, wanting Caedus dead just as much as the Jedi.
Staying with Fett on Mandalore, Solo learns to be sharp and fast in combat. While there, Fett tracks down his estranged wife, Sintas Vel, who had been ironically frozen in carbonite since 1 ABY.
Solo provides force healing to Sintas who lost most of her memory during the imprisonment.
She also befriends Mirta Gev Orade, Boba's granddaughter.
Jacen vs Jaina I
Jaina, along with several Mandolorians, confront Caedus. Caedus kills many of the warriors, using shatterpoint on the chestplates to expose them. Once again, Luke creates a force illusion specifically to Caedus. He convinces Caedus that he fought Luke instead of Jaina, causing the Sith to fight madly. Jaina gains an upperhand and manages to sever Caedus' left arm. In shock, Caedus flees the fight.
End of the War
Tahiri captured Prince Isolder of Hapes, Tenel Ka's father. She interrogates him for information on the Jedi motives and current location. Isolder never cracks and is sent to Caedus.
Back on Coruscant, Tahiri and Ben face off. Tahiri kills Ben's friend Lon Shevu with Force Lightning in front of him. Despite his sadness and disappointment, Ben works Tahiri back into the light. She's sent to the holding cells of the Jedi Temple.
Jacen vs Jaina II
Back on the Anakin Solo, Caedus finds out about Isolder and the nanoviruses. He tries to send Isolder back to the Hapans to warn Tenel Ka, but Isolder mistakes his sincerity and refuses to work with the Sith. Frustrated and realizing he didn't have time to deal with the man, Caedus force snaps his neck. On his way out of the incinerator, Caedus is attacked by Jaina. Still suffering wounds from Luke, Kyle, and Jaina, Jaina quickly gains the upperhand on Caedus. Caedus pleads Jaina to let him go to warn Tenel Ka. Once again, he sincerity is mistook. Jaina re-engages the Sith Lord, but as she goes for the killing strike, Caedus opens himself to all his family. As Jaina's lightsaber cuts into his chest, Jacen opens his twin bond to Jaina for the first time in years and urges warning to Tenel Ka.
The Moff Council of the Imperial Remnant release the nanovirus against the Hapans. It does some damage, but thanks to Jacen's warning, the majority of the Hapan fleet escapes. DNA from Mirta Gev is used against Mandalore, preventing Mirta and Boba from returning. Mirta is released by Jaina.
During the battle, Mirta Gev is captured.
Han and Leia find Jaina cradling Jacen's broken body and once again the Solo family is shattered.
Luke and Ben also work on their relationship, having fought throughout the war on views. Ben studies to become a Jedi Knight under Luke.
Jaina, horrified that Caedus became Jacen in his last moments, struggles dealing with the death of her brother and the "what if" thoughts going through her mind.
Luke, seeing the Moff Council needed controlled, appoints Jagged Fel to take Pellaeon's place, to no objection. Jaina and Jag grow their relationship with the disappearance of Zekk.
Allana, pronounced dead in the battle, is sent to Han and Leia as an "adopted war orphan," to save her the threats of Caedus' enemies. "Amelia" joins the Solo / Skywalker family.
Admiral Daala is voted Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance with the death of Omas. The public form an anti-Jedi view, thinking the war was another Jedi vs Sith death toll.
Chief of State
During the investigation of Mara's death, Ben is told that Omas ordered the attack. While confronting the man, Omas tells Ben that Jacen killed Mara. Knowing Jacen would kill him anyway, Omas proceeds to delibrately fall on Ben's lightsaber, killing him.
Mortis and The Ones
Hundreds of thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, the Force was kept in balance on the planet of Mortis by The Ones. The Ones were a family; the Father, the Daughter, and the Son. The Daughter represented the Light Side of the Force, the Son represented the Dark Side, and the Father kept balance.
At one point a servant of The Ones brought the family together. The Servant became The Mother, but unlike The Ones she was still mortal. Going to their source of power, The Mother drank from The Son's Font of Power and swam in The Daughter's Pool of Knowledge. The two powers twisted her into powerful anti-thesis to The Father, and immortal. While The Father kept peace, The Mother was the Bringer of Chaos.
Uniting the family to stop The Mother, known as Abeloth, The Ones constructed two stations to trap Abeloth between blackholes, Centerpoint Station and Sinkhole Station. The Ones called on the forces of the Killiks to help construct the two stations. Abeloth escapes every couple thousand years and the result brings war and death, but The Ones always stop her.
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