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Untitled Prezi

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Nuria Monmany Badia

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

We learned about Abstract Expressionism with Jackson Pollock artwork. Specifically, we took a close look at "One; Number 31".
In groups of three students, we wrote sentences describing the painting and the lines appearing on it. We used the dictionary and a template to write the sentences. Our teacher was moving around the tables and attended students to solve doubts.
Finally, we presented our Pollock painting description to the whole class.
On the left side of this box, you will find Pollock's artwork "One: Number 31" and our presentation.
Plenary: presentation of our own
abstract expressionists collage
Finally, we presented our collage in front of the whole class. We had to explain our collage. Basically we talked about:
The title of the collage.
The emotions felt by the character.
The objects cut from magazines that I used to create my character.
On both sides of this box you will find our presentations.
Jackson Pollock used commercial paints, housepainter’s brushes, paint cans and brushes to create his artworks. Apart from that, he painted with the canvas on the floor.
In his artwork "Full Fathom Five", Pollock incorporated unusual elements into his painting. Specifically, he embedded coins, buttons and cigarettes in his painting.
Our teacher explained all this information with a power point presentation.
On the left hand side of this box there's an image of Pollock's artwork: "Full Fathom Five".
Creation of my own abstract
expressionists collage
Helped with a power point presentation, our teacher proposed creating our own abstract expressionist collage. These are the instructions:
Cut out objects of magazines and newspapers to create a person (a human).
The character has to show some feeling (sadness, happiness, surprise ...).
Think about the character, and then come up with a title.
You can see our art productions on both sides of this box.
Abstract expressionism
In the context of Art subject, fourth, fifth and sixth graders have learned about the processes and materials of Abstract Expressionist Paintings.
Abstract Expressionism introduction
Pollock painted with non traditional materials
Lesson plan
Cognition skills
Arousing interest in discovering this Art movement developed in New York in the 40s.
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