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How did Eureka Stockade effect democracy in Australia

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hoyoung lim

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of How did Eureka Stockade effect democracy in Australia

How did Eureka Stockade effect democracy in Australia
By Hoyoung.lim
What does the Eureka Flag Mean?
The five stars represent the southern cross and the cross joining the stars represents unity in defiance.The blue background is believed to represent the blue shirts worn by many of the diggers.

Why were the miners not happy ?
Miners were not happy about the cost of the license
The miners were not happy about the police and how corrupt tthe police were.
The miners were not happy because they came to find gold and become rich but instead of becoming rich, they were becoming poor by paying for the licences
Who was the first person to find gold in Australia?
Edward Hargraves was the first person to find gold in Australia.He thought that Australian lands were very similar to the Californian goldfields. While he was trying to figure out if there actually was gold in Bathurst, he recruited a person named John Mister while he was trying to find gold.
What is Democracy?
Democracy is a form of government in which people can vote and take part in the government.
The word democracy originates from greek and it means "
rule of the people
What is Eureka Stockade
The Eureka Stockade also called Eureka rebellion was the only armed uprising against the government. It happened by the miners who were not happy about the bad circumstances that they were in.
There were 276 troopers and about 500 miners.
How did Eureka Stockade have an impact on the democracy in Australia?
After the eureka stockade, the government changed to Democracy, which meant that all men could vote and also the licence got really cheap.But more than 22 people died in the Eureka stockade.
Who made the miners pay for the licence?
Governor Hotham(
Sir Charles Hotham
) was the first person to make the miners pay licence.
He made the licences because everyone was going to the mines and there were no one on the streets so the Australia's economy was going down at the time.
When did Eureka Stockade occur ?
The Eureka stockade occured on the 3 December 1854 and it lasted for 15 minutes.
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