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The Iraq War

A presentation by Christian Smith, Molly Theiring, and Cristina Diaz

Cristina Diaz

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The Iraq War

The Iraq War •Began on March 20, 2003 •Prior to the war, it was said that we invaded Iraq due to their housing nuclear weapons that posed a potential threat to THEIR security and the security of their allies Saddam is an evil man who used poison gas on his own people, has killed political rivals, and violates the human rights of his people, especially the Kurds. The Iraqi people deserve to be liberated from him. Saddam has ignored and violated resolutions of the United Nations Security Council relative to inspections and disarmament and must be removed to protect the credibility and integrity of the United Nations. Saddam has weapons of mass destruction (chemical and biological weapons) in violation of UN demands. These weapons pose a threat to Iraq's neighbors and to U.S. interests in the region Saddam has ties to Al Qaeda and therefore bears some responsibility for 9/11 and must be removed as part of the War on Terrorism. Saddam's ties to Al Qaeda and his possession of chemical and biological agents which he could transfer to them pose a threat to the U.S. homeland and to our people. Saddam has been trying to buy aluminum tubes useful in a uranium separation plant. Such a plant could produce the highly-enriched U-235 required for making an atomic bomb. If Saddam succeeded in building such a bomb, he could transfer it to Al Qaeda who could use it in the U.S. If we wait for a smoking gun, it could be a mushroom cloud. Reasons the Government gave when we invaded No meaningful evidence was ever found that WMDs in Iraq Existed So we changed why we were there.... Operation Iraqi Freedom US invaded as an effort to spread democracy to the country Obama Administration says complete withdrawl will occur by 2011 Casualites of Iraq War 4392 American Soldiers Affects of the Iraq War
To date we have spent over $500 billion on the war Many small towns are losing the police forces
Guards and reserves are being sent to patrol Baghdad to make it safer
Many police forces are made of army reserves
Crime increases at home
Countries part of the initial Iraqi invasion The United States
United Kingdom (withdrew 7/2009) Australia (withdrew 7/2009) Kingdom of Denmark (Withdrew 12/2008) Poland (withdrew 10/2009)
El Salvador (Withdrew 1/2009)
Italy (Withdrew 11/2006)
South Korea (Withdrew 12/2008) Iraqi Opinion of the War In 2005 between 82%-87% of the Iraqi populace wanted the US to leave In 2007 69% of Iraqis believed the American presence was making things worst Small businesses have been wiped out The international opinion
of the US has become highly negative
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