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Sacraments of service - Holy Orders

No description

wren dreger

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Sacraments of service - Holy Orders

Sacraments of service - Holy Orders
By Wren Dreger

Rituals and symbols associated
with the holy orders
How holy orders have developed over time and what do the different people do
How are holy orders practiced today and how do you get ordained
Deacon - The symbol of the office of deacon is to wear his stole across his chest from left to right.

They are practiced today practically the same as they would have been when they first started.
There are multiple ways of becoming a priest but no matter how you decide to go about it make sure it is what you want (there are other titles in the church to consider and this isn't a choice to be taken lightly. Here are some possible ways.

Bishop - The symbols of the office of bishop is the ring on his finger, the staff he carries, the mitred hat, and pectoral cross he wears around his neck.
Different positions in the holy orders wear the stoles different ways eg.a deacon would wear it diagonally across his chest.
What are stoles
These are stoles.
Priest - The symbol of the office of priest is to wear his stole hanging straight down both sides of his chest.
Laying on of hands is the main symbol of the holy orders.
What is the laying on of hands
It is done by the bishop.
In the ordination of the priest after the laying on of hands the bishop offers a solemn prayer of consecration (a prayer of dedication)
The Holy Orders are the sacrament or rite of ordination as a member of the body of people officially doing religious duties.
The holy orders are Deacon, Priest, and Bishop.
What are the holy orders
Other people believe that before the Great Schism in 1054 there were no holy orders.

When did the holy orders start
Some people believe that the holy orders started when our lord ordained the 11 disciples as bishops.
As far as I know the holy orders haven't changed very much over time.
but you might of just paid your way into the orders instead of earning the honor, but I'm not sure.
How has it changed
What do the people in the holy orders wear
The sacrament of holy orders can only be received once for each level of ordination. Once a man has been ordained, he is spiritually changed, which is where the saying, "Once a priest, always a priest" comes from. He can be forbidden to act as a priest but, he will be a priest forever.
Once a priest always a priest
Each level of ordination lets you do certain things, from the ability to preach (deacons), to the ability to act in the person of Christ to offer the Mass (priests), to a special grace of strength (bishops), which allows him to teach and lead his people, even to the point of dying like Christ did.
What can someone in the holy orders do
Each level of the order
does their own job.
How are the holy orders practiced today
You can go to college and excel in seminary.
Get a six-month appointment as a deacon
The steps to becoming a priest
A typical ordination ceremony has preaching, a charge–call to responsibility of pastoring/ministry to candidate, singing, laying on of hands and prayer for the candidate, bible presentation, some food afterward.

Ordination ceremony
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