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No description

Seok Minji

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Eco-Funicular

Eco-rail Members
Seok min ji, Im so yeon, Lee ji young
Jang seok chan, Olzhas, Nastasya,
Liu zhehua, Li jie Eco - Funicular Contents Compare with Switzerland and Korean 1. Switzerland Technique
2. SWOT –Analysis
4. Korean conditions & Reason
5. Budgetary structure 6. Consequences Environment Performance Index of korean ? ...51st Environment Performance Index of Switzerland ? 1st !! Funicular SWOT – Analysis Where ? vs Which areas should be?
: near waste water utility
: located on mountainous area
: there are many factories which discharge fridge water Why Ul-san is more suitable for funicular? Budgetary structure Revenue reflection Consequences
Develop Tourist attraction
Pure source of Energy is water
Low-cost operation
Decreasing of road damages
Revenue reflection Income statement Principle of Funicular
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