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Time Management and Study Tips

Tips and tricks on improving your academic performance.

Nico Caballo

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Time Management and Study Tips

Making the most out of college! Time Management
and Study Tips Self-reflection exercise
Time management tips
Study tips
Questions Overview Are you doing really great?
Is there room for improvement?
What are some things you want to change? How are you doing
in your class? Tip # 1: Write it all down—manually or digitally To do’s
Events and appointments
Anything! What to write? How does work/sports/volunteer work affect your time?

Prioritize! Tip # 2: Consider your lifestyle Tip # 3: Cross it out once done There’s pleasure in crossing things out! Study Tips Highlight topics that are important Makes “scanning” books easier Study Tips Annotate to discuss themes in your head Any “aha” moments to take note? Study Tips Don’t try to cram the material in one sitting Read half of a chapter today, and finish the rest tomorrow! Study Tips Writing an essay? Outline what you wanna say! Makes structure and flow easier and smoother Study Tips For COMP 100 (MyITLab), MATH 103 (WebWork) and ECON 160 (Aplia) Use ALL the attempts given to you.
Repetition helps enhance memory.
Get the best grade possible to you! Study Tips Join a study session! Afterword Time management and great study habits don’t happen overnight.

Start small. Make a habit out of it!

Do what works for you. You know yourself better!
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