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Damian Grujic

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of NIKOLA TESLA

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 in Smilijan, Austrian Empire (modern day Croatia). His father was Milutin Tesla, a Serbian Orthodox Priest. His mother was Djuka Mandic Tesla, a very smart woman. She had a talent for being able to invent and make small house hold appliances. She was likely the cause of Nikolas interest in electrical inventions. Tesla was not an only child. He had 3 sisters. Milka, Angelina and Marica Tesla. He also had one older brother Dane, but he was killed in a horse riding accident when Nikola was 5. The Tesla's were a Serbian family but Nikola became an American Serbian later in his life.
The Tesla coil is an electrical resonant transformer circuit invented by Nikola Tesla around 1891 and It is used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency and alternating-current electricity. The coil can produce higher voltages than any other artificial or unnatural sources. Nikola Tesla used these coils to conduct experiments in electrical lighting, phosphorescence, X-ray generation, high frequency alternating current phenomena, electrotherapy, and the transmission of electrical energy without wires. The coil itself consists of a power supply transformer, a high-capacitance primary capacitor, a spark gap assembly, a low-inductance primary inductor coil, a high-inductance secondary inductor coil, a low-capacitance secondary capacitor and something to suppress, or choke, the high-frequency noise pulses created when the Tesla coil operates. The Tesla coil creates an electric field so you can simply light up any fluorescent lights just by placing it close to the coil (like a wireless lightbulb). But the coil can also create huge arks of lighting as well. Tesla's origanal coil's were able to produce arks of up to 100 000 000 million volts. No one has been able to create Coils with this amount of power since.

Tesla coil circuits were used in sparkgap radio transmitters for wireless telegraphy until the 1920s and in medical equipment such as electrotherapy and violet ray devices.
Interesting Facts and stories

Nikola Tesla was born exactly at midnight, right on the stroke of 12
During his voyage to the U.S. almost all of his possessions were stolen, including his money, and he was almost thrown over board after a mutiny broke out on the ship
Nikola was never married and was never in a real relationship
Nikola Tesla was an environmentalist
Tesla never sleeped more than 2 hours
Tesla also suffered from OCD, He hated jewelry, was obsessed with the number 3 and polished every dining utensil he used, he did this with 18 napkins every time
Many of Teslas inventions are still Classified
People thought Tesla was insane, his ideas of transmitting pictures, sound and electricity were thought to be impossible at the time
Nikola Tesla once caused an earthquake
Tesla also once caused a city black out
At the beginning of World War I, Tesla proposed the use of energy waves to detect German submarines (known today as the RADAR). Thomas Edison rejected his idea as ludicrous.
Tesla was able to recite entire books from memory, and designed his machines in his head, rather than on paper.
Nikola was known as the man who "Invented the 20th Century"
Tesla died literally penniless and in a large amount of debt
Nikola Tesla accidentally invented some things
Nikola often argued and rejected Albert Einsteins ideas and theorys
During his lifetime Tesla was working on extreme invention, like the time Machine and a teleporter.
The Consequences
The consequences of the Tesla Coil really only lead to good things. Since the Tesla Coil is an electrical power source which does not pollute or destroy the environment its only effect is because of the sources needed to build it. The Tesla Coil itself lead to many great advances and findings in technology. Without the coil, radio transmission and other inventions would not be possible. The Tesla Coil essentially only lead to good things. A very rare outcome in the world of advancing and creating.
Early Life
Later Years
Tesla left for Slovenia and there he worked as a draftsman. Nikola was forced to go back home by police because he didn't have a residence permit. about a month later his father died of an unknown illness and Tesla became a teacher at his old school. Fortunately his uncles gave him enough money to leave and go study in Prague. Eventually he became the chief electrician at a telegraph company and perfected a telephone repeater while also making many improvements to the company.
In 1882 Nikola was hired to work for the Continental Edison Company to design and make improvements to electrical devices. He was relocated and was sent to New York. As he worked for Edison he moved up in rank and was offered the job to completely redesign and improve the company's main Generators, Edison promised 50 000 dollars for it. Tesla completed the project after months of hard work and asked about his money. Edison said he was joking when he promised the 50 000 for him and said he didn't understand American humor. Nikola immediatly resigned. The start of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla's rivalry had begun.
In 1861 Nikola Tesla attended Primary school in Smilijan where he studied German, Arithmetic and Religion. Nikolas family than moved to Gospic, Austrian Empire, where he finished Primary School and Normal School. His father worked as a pastor there. In 1870 the Teslas moved to Karlovac where Nikola attended Higher Real Gymnasium. There he was profoundly impacted by his math teacher. Nikola was able to do integral calculus in his head which made his teachers think he was cheating. Tesla finished a 4 year term in 3 years. After that Tesla moved back to Smilijan where he became deathly ill.
His father promised that if he got better he would send him to a good engineering school. Tesla recovered but had to run away to avoid being recruited by the army. 1875 came and Tesla enrolled at Austrian Polytechnic in Graz, Austria. He never missed a class and achieved the highest mark possible while also taking 9 exams which is almost twice as needed.
Unfortunatly Tesla became addicted to gambling and almost lost all of his money. He was able to gamble it all back and overcome his addiction. But exams came and tesla was unprepared. He dropped out of university and severed all communications to his family.
The Start
In 1881 (before he was hired to work for Edison) Nikola Tesla invented the first Alternating Current Motor (AC or Induction motor). This was better than the Direct motor because it was more reliable, safer and did not take as much energy to generate. Because of this invention he also conceived an entire new system of the Rotating Magnetic fields. After leaving Edisons company he started one of his own with a man called A.K Brown. The company was called the Tesla Electric Company. In 1891 Financial troubles came (which was caused by Thomas Edison) and Tesla was asked to leave his position. But than in 1892 Nikola invented the Tesla Coil. It produces high voltages of electricty and creates extremely large Magnetic Fields. It is also able to sustain currents of any magnitude. The Tesla Coil can be found in any modern day television sets and radios. Around that time Xrays were discovered and Tesla did some work with them. Tragedy struck Tesla on March 13, 1895. Nikolas laboratory burnt down and Tesla lost a huge amount of money. It was a blow that he never quite recovered from.

Biography Conclusion

On January 7, 1943, Nikola Tesla died at 86, from Coronary Thrombosis. A type of heart disease. His body was found in his Hotel room by a maid. On January 9, two days after he had died, the F.B.I ordered the
Alien Property Custodian
to seize all of Tesla's belongings? Dr. John G. Trump an electrical engineer and a technical aid for the National Defense research committee was called to look at some of Nikolas belongings to look for any sensitive material related to the ongoing war at the time. There was also a boxed found that supposedly contained a part of Nikolas Death Ray. Although Nikola Tesla was one of the most important and contributing inventors in history while also shaping the modern world he received almost no credit and died in complete poverty alone. Without him the world would not be as advanced as it is today. While also being a great inventor Nikola was also plainly a good man. His main mission was to provide absolutely FREE energy to the world, he honestly didnt do it for the money or fame. He wanted to give back to the world and make it a better place. Making him one of the greatest inventors and human beings to have ever lived.
More Inventions
In 1899 Tesla invented what he thought was his greatest invention ever, his versiom of the Transmitter. While in Colorado Springs Tesla invented a transmitter. With this transmitter, which was about 52 feet in diameter, he tested high power oscillators, wireless transmission of energy, the reception and transmission of messages. the related effects of high-frequency electric fields. It is a resonant transformer which is accurately fitted to the globe and its electrical constants and properties, which designs it to become highly efficient and effective in the wireless transmission of energy. Distance is nothing for the transmitter. So there are no lessening in the intensity of the transmitted impulses. Without this transmitter there would be no Cell Phones, wireless internet, But a problem arrived, Tesla was running out of money. during the start of the 1900's Tesla was forced to sue Guglielmo Marconi for stealing his work with the radio and saying he was the inventor. But eventually in 1943 after Tesla had died it was proven that Tesla was the inventor of the Radio.
More Inventions
In August 1897 Tesla announced that he had completed the first successful test in Radio Transmission. He completed the test from his new laboratory all the way to a boat the sailed 25 miles up the Hudson River. This invention was the start of Remote Controls. With new confidence Tesla went out and invented the first Solar Powered engine. He directed sunlight into a jar of water treated with chemicals to make it evaporate which caused steam and powered the engine. Fire and coal were not needed at all. Tesla didn't sell this invention but gave it up to everyone for free as his gift to the world. Later he came out with what should have been an extremely famous invention at the time. He came out with the first wireless radio controlled boat and torpedo, which he hoped would interest the U.S Navy. Sadly it did not.
Later in life Tesla began working on other projects. He made claims to have created a weapon far more powerful and dangerous than any other in history. He called it the TeleForce, but it had other names such as the Death Ray or the Peace Ray. The gun was made to shoot high energy particles in the form of a ray. Tesla left notes explaining what it was made of. It consisted of an apparatus for producing manifestations of energy, a mechanism for generating a tremendous electrical force, a mechanism that amplify's the force even more and a method of producing a tremendous amount of repelling force to shoot it. There were claims that people tried stealing the weapon and ideas from his laboratory. But it was a failed attempt because Tesla had never made a real blueprint that others could use for the weapon, because it was in his mind. The weapon was his plan for world peace but it was too dangerous and he never let anyone see the real gun. So theres no way in proving that such a weapon ever existed. It could be fact or fiction.
The Tesla Coil
Modern Day Tesla Coil's
Memorable Pictures

The Inventions Of
Nikola Tesla
Three Phase Electric Power
The Induction Motor
Wireless Telegraphy
Alternating Current
Neon Lamp
Remote Control
Tesla Coil
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