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John's and Dylan's Box n' Whisker Plot

Description of the Box n' Whisker Plot.

Dylan Shirey

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of John's and Dylan's Box n' Whisker Plot

BOX N' WHISKER PLOT Step 1 First you arange your numbers from least to greatest. Step 2 Then find your median
of the numbers. The numbers can be odd
or even in the number line,
if odd it will be right in the
middle of the number line. If the numbers are even then
you take the inner two numbers
add them together and divide that number by two. That will
be your median. Step 3 Then you creat the number line, and
then you put the numbers that are
highest and lowest number at the end
of the number line. Step 4 Now you mark the median
in the middle. Step 5 Now you take the numbers
that are closest to the
outer numbers and put them
on the number line. They are called
the outer quartiles. Cheyenne, Wyoming Is cold. Coldest city. When we did our box and
whisker plot, we used cities
temperatures near the west
coast as our number Step 6 Draw a box from the lower
quartile, to the upper quartile. Step 7 Then you draw a line from
the lower outer extreme to
the lower quartile, then draw
a line from the upper outer
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