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How rare is a spike? (Animal jam)

No description

Zoe Welch

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of How rare is a spike? (Animal jam)

How rare is a spike? (Animal jam)
Well, animal jam just came out with non-rare spikes, but if your spike has a huge RARE sign on it, it's worth LOTS.
How rare are new spikes?
Zozomojo, do you have a rare spike?
In a matter of fact, I do! It is a green long one. My wrist got scammed my chocolatechipmint
Whats a RARE spike actually worth?
Den item and clothes wise, spikes are probably worth a rare claw machine, a rare lightning cloud, and maybe this is an over trade (probably) but maybe, add a spike wrist? (Pink, short)
The new spikes aren't really rare, since they sell them in the diamond shop.
It looks like this
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