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Mixedwood Plains Geography prezentation

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on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Mixedwood Plains Geography prezentation

In this Ecozone we have 3/5 of the great lakes.

There are a lot of waterways and lakes Including, lake Huron, lake Erie and lake Ontario and the st Lawrence river.
This is the Ecozone where survivor was meant to be! By the end of this prezi you will agree.
this is Ontario
The mixedwood plains has has cool winters with an average of -5 c and in the sumer the avarage tempature of 17 c
The red is were mixedwood plains is Located
What Landforms Are There?
The Mixedwood Plains extends along the Quebec City-Windsor corridor, including the densely populated region of southern Ontario.
having fresh water in the ecozone is a good advantage in survivor.
plains and gently rolling hills are formed here.
Some of the hardships may involve the harsh climate. In the winter the lowest ever temperature record is -58.3 degrees Celsius and in the summer the record temperature is 42.2 degrees Celsius now those climates are harsh to live in. Also the animals are a challenge especially the black bears and wolfs. In the summer time look out for the snakes that slither around this ecozone. Another hardship is the dense forest which is often hard to get through and you gotta look out for poison ivy and poison oak.
land forms
Some carnivorous are the black bear, wolf and bobcat, while the large herbivores are the moose and white-tailed deer. Some Small herbivorous are chipmunks, squirrels, beavers and rabbits. The only marsupial is an opossum.
There are many birds that live here it would take way to log to name them all.
Why Survivor should be here
There are many challenges here including the climate and many games can be played here like one where you have to climb up a tree and get a key to unlock the tree maze then at the end there is the team flag!
here are some summer appropriate clothes for summer in mixed wood plains.
Survivor should be here because there are many challenges here as I mentioned in the hardships slide plus because of the dense forest there are many places to hide the idols and the lakes will make for good challenges. Also there is a lot of fresh water for te survivors to drink also the dense forest will pe a great place for tribal council.
This is why we think the next survivor should be here.
The contestances can hunt a lot of food here including deer moose wolf rabbit and many types of fish. with
3/5 of the great lakes there is a great supply of fresh water. oh yeah and dont forget we have the st lawrence river.
here are the appropriate clothes for winter in the
mixed wood plains.
for the mixed wood plains summer you would
need a t-shirt and shorts. For the mixed wood
plains winter you would need a winter hat,
gloves, jacket and snow pants. (optional)
also in the mixed wood plains there are lots of fish
so that means there is good fishing.
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