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"To kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee

By Briana "Brown" Willis & Nijsha Johnson

Willis Briana

on 26 April 2012

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Transcript of "To kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee

Idioms By: Harper Lee Page:171-" I can't stay here all day with you, and the summer's going to be a hot one." meaning there is going to be conflict which also may be considered foreshadowing. Page197-Mr. Heck Tate was present, and I wondered if he had seen the light.( Scout was curious to know if Mr. Heck Tate been to church yet. Chapter 27-Page 340
After that, it didn't matter whether they went or not. Jem said he would take me. Thus began our longest Journey together.(meaning something was going to happen to them along the way; they were going to come across something. Chapter 14:Page 185-
"Night," I murmured, picking my way across the room to turn on the light. As I passed the bed I stepped on something warm, resilient, and rather smooth. It was not quite like hard rubber, and I had the sensation that it was alive. I also hear it move.( They thought it was snake.) Chapter 14:Page 186-
Suddenly a filthy brown package shot from under the bed. Jem raised the broom and missed Dill's head by an inch when it appeared.( This is a continuation from the one above, but it's not a snake.) Chapter 15: page 193- A nightmare was upon us.( meaning the hatred among the people in the town toward Atticus.) Bob Ewell threatening the children after the trial. Foreshadowing Major Themes Sexism Racism Atticus and Tom Robinson Ageism Although Scout is only six years old, she has learned many things just growing up in Maycomb County. I think that is why they told "To Kill a Mockingbird in the perspective of Scout because she is young. She also has an innocence and being at this age and still learning about things, she isn't judgmental. Cast Scout Jem Atticus Boo Radley Calpurnia Dill Page 339- "Somebody just walked over my grave."Aunt Alexandra says in chapter 27( somebody is going to die.) He lives in a creepy house. Never leaves the house and is know to eat squirrels and cats. He also looks through windows. This is just in the beginning, but later Boo really comes through for the kids and Mr. Finch in the end. He always looked after them as his own. Jem's real name is Jeremy Atticus Finch. He is Scout's big brother. Jem is in the 6th grade. He is Atticus' son. He has been rather sexist toward his sister; he is trying to be more independent from Scout, but he is still protective over her. Protagonist Antagonist Atticus Finch is the protagonist because he was sincere with everything he does. He portrays unprejudiced role. He also stands up for what he believes, just as he did in for the case with Tom Robinson against Bob Ewell, he used facts to defend him. Atticus knew Tom was not guilty. Bob Ewell is the antagonist. He is blatantly prejudice against other races. He harms Mayella and tries to blame it on Tom Robinson. He does not take care of his family, he is a drunkard, and an abusive parent. He tries to retaliate on several of the people who were apart of the case. Allusions Symbols Symbols Page 227- A rooster meaning arrogant. Atticus is the father in "To Kill a Mockingbird".
He raises the childeren to be more open minded and nonviolent like himself. He is always calm and polite. Atticus is also a little old to be a father... well at least
considerably older than other fathers in Maycomb. Atticus is the lawyer to defend Tom Robinson. Dill instigates most of the ordeals dealing with
the Radleys , expecially Boo. He does not live in
Maycomb, he spends the summer there with his
Aunt Rachel. Dill is also "engaged" to Scout, secretly
of course. "Nothing to fear , but fear itself" , is an allusion to FDR's Innaugural adress.
Located in Chapter I The Dewey Decimal System is alluded to in chapter two. The changes Scout had to endure in her first year of school . Boo left Scout and Jem Indian Head pennies. Before Lincoln pennies there were Indian Heads , this is and allusion of the era the story's setting. Adolf Hilter was alluded to in Chapter twenty-six during current events in Socut's third grade class. The National Recovery Act was created to help the country's fiscal state after the great depression.
Chapter XXVII Atticus is the father of Jem and Scout. Along with being a commited father, Atticus Finch is a lawyer, and is open-minded to new things. He doesn't drink either. Page288- But we understand when she cut from the big cake and gave the slice to Jem, refers to Jem getting older. Page 369-Let the dead bury the dead.
(things will take care of themselves) This is a picture of them in the courthouse, where Tom was fighting for his life. Atticus was determined to win this case. Bob Ewell was also determined as well to win, but he wanted to Tom to go to jail. Bob Ewell knew Tom didn't rape Mayella Ewell, but didn't care. Sexism is a ginormous part of the story.
Scout faced tons of this when Aunt
Alexandra moved in and when Jem starts "growing up"
Aunt Alexandra’s deportment involved playing with small stoves, tea sets and wearing the adda-pearl necklace she gave me when i was born.” – Scout. Climax The climax begins when Tom Robinson is accused of raping Mayella Ewell by Bob Ewell. Unfortunately they have to go to court. Tom Robinson's attorney is Atticus Finch. Atticus Finch is a non judgmental person, so in this court case he only sought for the truth. Things were not adding up because Mayella protested that she was punched on her left eye,so in order for her to be punched in that eye ,Tom would have to punch her in eye with his right hand. Tom's right arm is paralyzed, so it would be impossible for him to have made such a bruise on Mayella's left eye. After hearing all of this the judge still favors in Bob Ewell when it is obvious that Tom Robinson is not guilty. Conflict When Calpurnia brings the Finch children to her church. One of the church members, Lulu doesn't want white children at the church. She began asking why are they there. The mockingbird doesn't mean to harm anything or anyone just like Tom Robinson. Tom doesn't want to harm anyone at all, he is very innocent. Rice Christians describes someone who has formally declared himself/herself a Christian for material benefits rather than for religious reasons. Chapter 16 Blind spots( having character flaws) Not long after losing the court case against Bob Ewell, Tom Robinson is shot after being chased by the police. Unfortunately Tom dies. By Briana "Brown" Willis
& Nijsha Johnson Jean Louise Finch aka Scout is the main character and narrator . The entire story is told through her naive eyes. Scout is engaged to Dill , secretly of course. She is also very protective of her family and friends. She is not accepted by many of the women in Maycomb due to her non-dainty ways. Scout is an intelligent girl, who is finding her world to get crueler every day , but she is definitely taking the bull by the horns. Credits: Briana Willis
Nijsha Johnson
When Bob Ewell attacks scout and Jem when they are walking home from the play.
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