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Human Rights 5-504

No description

Mrs. Fornataro

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Human Rights 5-504

Human Rights 5-504
By Hamna Khalid

Article 26
Article 26, right to education:
1. 1) You have the right to go to go to school. Primary schooling should be free and required. You should be able to learn a profession or continue your study is as far as you can.
2. 2) At school, you should be able to develop all your talents and learn to respect others, whatever their race, religion or nationality.
3. 3) Your parents should have a say in the kind of education you receive

Article 14
Article 14, right to protection in another country:
1. 1) If someone threatens to hurt you, you have the right to go to another country and ask for protection as a refugee.
2. 2) You lose this right if you have committed a serious crime.

In my words this means that everyone has a right to get any type of education that they want. No one should be forced to learn something that they aren’t interested in. If they want to be a plastic surgeon or a doctor but are forced to study to be a mechanic, that’s wrong. They should be able top do anything they want.
This also ties into freedom and choices of your own. It may be confusing how but look at the facts. You get to choose your own education and you can choose what profession you learn and do a job with it. It even says, “You should be able to learn a profession or continue as far as you can”. That means that you could get a masters degree or just get a job after you finish college/school once.

No one shall threaten you and if they do and you want to get away, no one can stop you from going to another country and asking for protection. Donald Trump if trying to do the opposite and enforcing that immigrant Muslims won’t be able to come into America. You know what? Donald Trump can’t do anything to enforce that because it’s a human right that’s written down in stone.
Thanks for listening and bye!
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