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The Outsiders

No description

Diana Anguiano

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of The Outsiders

The Outsiders by
S. E. Hinton
Plot Diagram

Background: We were introduced to Ponyboy, our protagonist, and his brothers. They classify themselves as "greasers," and we are exposed to the antagonists, the Socs (Socials). The west-side rich kids. (2-3)
Setting: The novel takes place in the 1950's - 60's; according to the reference of Paul Newman (1) who was a popular actor in those times. The Greasers lived in the east side of the town(2).
Characters: Ponyboy Curtis is a 14-year old Greaser (2). He has two older brothers, SodaPop Curtis, who is 16 going on to 17 and is very attractive according Ponyboy (2 & 7). The oldest being Darry Curtis who is 20 and looks like his dad but is more masculine and holds a colder aura (6). All three brothers live together and are involved in the same Greaser gang (p9. 9)
Primary Conflict
By: Diana Anguiano, Jennifer Ashley Ciballos, William Gonzalez, Azael Ramirez, & Katie Ramirez

As Ponyboy walks home by himself after watching a Paul Newman movie, he realizes that it was a bad idea two walk alone when he spotted a red Corvette stalking him.The car pulled up beside him and 5 Socs came out. Ponyboy starts to get nervous and shaky. He starts to get jumped and a blade is pulled out and placed against his throat. The Socs threatened to give him a "hair cut."
They started hitting him, Pony yelled for help and his two brothers soon appeared, at the sight of them, the Socs left. Ponyboy was left on the concrete, shaking and crying. (4-5).
Rising Action

We meet the Greaser group which consists of Steve Randle, who is 17 and is SodaPop's best friend. Two-bit Mathews who is the oldest in the group and is the "Mood Maker," (9-10).Dally Winston is the "bad boy" of the group and has the largest criminal record of all the members, (10-11). Then there is Johnny Cade who is the second youngest and the wimpiest looking puppy-like greaser within the group, (11-12).
Secondary Conflict
Man vs. Self

The secondary problem is an internal conflict in Ponyboy, in which he is trying really hard to figure out where he fits in (pg. 9). "I had grown up with them, and they accepted me, even though I was younger, because I was Darry and Soda's kid brother and I kept my mouth shut."
-Doesn't know where he fits in
He doesn't necessarily not want to be a Greaser, he is indifferent about it. He'd rather go about not labeling one another. He would like every on to just be himself and not be branded - he just wants to be someone with a name and a face with character that makes who he is. He doesn't want the fact that someone is a Greaser or a Soc to define a person.
"Greasers will still be Greasers and Socs will still be Socs. Sometimes I think it;s the ones in the middle that are really the lucky stiffs."
Later on when a church filled with children catches on fire, Ponyboy, along with Johnny, saves them. He doesn't do so because he is looking for his 5-minutes of fame or to be in the newspaper. He genuinely wanted to save them, he didn't want them to die, and he didn't care about the consequences.
Day of the rumble:
After the fire, Johnny was seriously injured, as well as Dally and were sent to hospital. Two-bit drove Ponyboy to the facility to see them. (Ponyboy wasn't seriously injured in the fire.) Compared to Dally, Johnny looks horrid, he looked weak and pale (118).
Later that day there was to be a rumble between the Greasers and the Socs, Pony felt sick but refused the idea of not participating when Darry suggested it.
When it was time for the rumble, Pony's gang as well as another Grease-gang showed up at where the event was to be held, totaling 20. The Socs soon appeared with 22. They would fight til one group backed away. Whoever remained at the sight won. The fight began when someone through the first punch. Dally had escaped from the hospital to take part in the rumble, saying, "don't you know a rumble ain't a rumble unless I'm in it?"
The fight persisted, both groups determined to be the victors. During the fight, Ponyboy gets beaten up a bit and took a blow to the head. As he lied on the ground he overheard a voice shout, " they're running!" The Greasers won (144).
Falling Action
Ponyboy discovers that the whole rivalry between the Greasers and Socs is so much more than what it seems, it is really man vs. society.
Ponyboy realizes that it isn't all black and white. The people that he's met aren't just Greasers or just Socs, they are human (179).He blames society for labeling him and others Greasers when all they are just boys living on the wrong sides of cities. He sees that boys like him hate the world as a result of this and are forced to be tough. It's not there fault, they just were never told that they could be things that are more than what is said about them. Ponyboy felt that he should be the person to tell others this because it wasn't just personal anymore. It involves this whole class and ideology that you are what people say and it isn't! "I could picture hundreds and hundreds of boys living on the wrong side of cities."
When he comes to tell the recent events of his life and the events in which he was involved in, marks a transition. Writing his story shows that he has accepted all what has happened - the deaths of his friends, the labeling that he as faced, the idea that all he is is just a Greaser when it isn't so. He no longer is in denial about Johnny no longer being with him, he knows that everyone defines himself by what he does not what he is a part of - there is a deeper truth in everything, he sees this. He has matured over the course of a few weeks and sees past the veil of prejudice that has hovered over him for the majority of his life.
"...Stay Gold."
Rising Action
After we meet the Greaser group, we meet Cherry Valence who goes to Ponyboy’s school(pg.22) and they talk about how Johnny was beaten near to death by Cherry’s now boyfriend Bob, and how Johnny keeps a six-inch blade around to make sure that whoever tries to beat him that badly again, will end up dead. (Pg.33-34)
Rising Action
Johnny ends up killing Bob with his six-inch blade because Bob and his friend Randy were drowning Ponyboy in the fountain. (pg.56) Ponyboy and Johnny end up running away to a church on the top of a hill where Dally told them to hide from the news, and so they won’t go to jail for murdering Bob at the park. (pg66-67)

Rising Action
Dally goes to the church he told Pony and Johnny to stay until the case against the missing murderers of Bob comes up. He ends up taking them out to eat and talks about Pony’s brothers worrying about him. (79-80)
When they come back there’s a fire coming from the church and find out that some school children were playing inside and ended up being stuck in there as the fire started. (pg.91-92)
Rising Action
Rising Action
Johnny ends up being hurt as he and Pony try to save all of the school children, and miraculously all the children are safe, and so is Pony, but Johnny was hit by a beam from the top of the church and was severely injured. (93-94)
Rising Action
After the fire, Pony goes to the hospital and ends up solving his conflict of Darry not loving him enough. The three Curtis brothers end up going home together, leaving Johnny, as well as Dally in the hospital to heal. (98-99)
After the rumble Dally and Ponyboy to the hospital to see Johnny, a police stops them but seeing Ponyboy injured, he escorts them to the hospital. They find Johnny dying and just struggling to stay alive. His last words were “Stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold…” And then he died. (148-149)
Dally struggles to keep calm and hastily leaves. Ponyboy in his grief wanders the streets until a man offers him a ride because he looks injured. He drives him home where he tells the gang the news and Dally’s reaction. (152)

Falling Action
Dally calls and tells them he just robbed a grocery and the cops are after him. They are going to meet him at the lot. When they arrive they see Dally running with the cops after him. Dally pulls out the unloaded gun he carries and seeing it as a threat the police shoot him. (153-154) Ponyboy believes he sought a way into dying because he was overwhelmed with Johnny’s death. Not being able to take in everything that has happened, Ponyboy collapses.
Falling Action
After three days Ponyboy wakes up because he suffered from a concussion in the rumble. (155)

Even after he awakes, Ponyboy doesn’t know how to deal with Johnny and Dally’s deaths. He says he killed Bob, not Johnny and he tries to make himself believe Johnny isn’t dead. Ponyboy tries to cope with his grief and anger by becoming cold and hard; like what Dally told him “you get tough like me and you don’t get hurt.” (165; Quote: 147)
The gang is alarmed by his behavior and tries to get him to not become hard like Dally. His grades drop as a result of his instability and Darry argues with him about it to the point that it overwhelms Sodapop and he expresses how is doesn’t want to pick sides in the Darry vs. Ponyboy fights. Both of them realize the effect their fight has on Soda and stop fighting, promising to try to understand each other more.(177)

Falling Action
(177) Ponyboy finally learns to accept that Johnny is dead and stopped pretending that he killed Bob, he knew all along it was Johnny.

Ponyboy finds a letter in the book Gone with the Wind Johnny left for him. In the letter Johnny says it was worth dying if it meant he saved those kids in the fire. He also tells Ponyboy to stay gold and not to be bugged over being a greaser. He says to tell Dally there is still some good in it (life), although it was too late to tell Dally. (179)

Two- Bit
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