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Lincoln's Assassination

No description

Courtney Hale

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of Lincoln's Assassination

Lincoln's Assassination
Original Plan
Kidnap Lincoln and take him to Richmond, VA
March 20, 1865
Lincoln didn't appear
New Plan
Ford's Theatre -
Our American Cousin
David Herold
Mary Surratt
Diary of Gideon Welles
"We entered by ascending a flight of steps above the basement and passing through a long hall to the rear, where the President lay extended on a bed, breathing heavily. ... I inquired of [Dr. Hall], as I entered, the true condition of the President. He replied the President was dead to all intents, although he might live three hours or perhaps longer."
Works Cited
"Useless, useless."
Guided Questions
Abraham Lincoln, William Seward, Andrew Johnson
Had Booth's second plan (assassinating Lincoln) failed, do you think a third plan would have been developed in another attempt to harm Lincoln?

When Booth said "Sic Semper Tyrannis" ("Thus always to tyrants"), what does this say about Booth's political beliefs? What does this say about the beliefs of other Confederate sympathizers?

If Lincoln would have been assassinated during the Civil War, rather than after its end, would there have been any different results or reactions?
White, Adam
The Lincoln Special
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