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PH 105 Winter 15 Introduction

Class intoduction

Richard Datwyler

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of PH 105 Winter 15 Introduction

Introduction To Physics 105
How do we learn Physics?
Surely not just this.
Lecture, lecture, lecture
Read the book
Do the homework
This can be a good way of learning but is often dull, I'll do what I can to make it more exciting.
But it will only happen once a chapter, to get the "big picture"
This can be good too, especially if it is before a class.
You will spend some time here this semester, before the introductory day, and each 'topic day'
Of the three this is probably the best (and we'll have some practice here), but I think we can do better
So what are better methods?
Experiments - hands on
Group work - explaining it together
Visual demonstration
Staying on top of it
Learn by study and faith
Holy Ghost
Class Organization
Here are the nuts and bolts of the class.
The fine print here is: how do you get the grade?
This will take the form of :
Reading before class
Just in Time
This has two parts
Class practice
Discussion Questions
This Last area is multi faceted
Homework (15%)
Post-Quizzes (10%)
Tests (6-8%)
Need to spend a minute here.
The route we pick is not
an altogether easy one.

There will be some obstacles
on the way.

But together we can do it!
Now a bit about me
I'm from Cache Valley
I have 4 children
I love physics and teaching
Served mission in London
Many hobbies, and some talents
I love the gospel

This is the true church

We are here to become
Jesus is the Christ
What is Physics to you?
What can we do to help this semester?

Here is my plan
Here is your chance. What would you change about the teaching style / class mechanics
Where am I from?
A. Idaho (rigby)
B. Utah (Logan)
C. Utah (SLC)
D. East coast
E. Germany
Where did I serve my mission
A. State side
B. South America
C. Africa
D. Far east
E. Europe
bonus question which is not one of my hobbies
A. Climbing
B. Candy making
C. Wood working
D. Reading
E. Piano

Why are you here?

What goals do you have?
Fill in the blanks.

What do I need to _____a______ to get ____b_____?
Alright, who said:
A. Do
B. Learn
C. Be taught
D. Become
A. An A!!!!!
B. A passing grade.
C. An understanding
D. Better
What (if anything) is wrong with this statement?
There are (arguable) 3 parts to an individual
We learn by, through, and in all of these parts.
Knowledge: instruction/reading
Hands on, Demonstration, Experimentation
Understanding: what's it to me
21/42 Exercise phy 50%
12/42 Biology 29%
4/42 Health 10%
5/42 other (EE, art, Psychology music, Geoscience, Welding)
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