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My extraordinary passion

Drawing mangas

Audrey Mika Tremblay

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of My extraordinary passion

a Tanks For listening I always create drafts before drawing
my final result. I also like to draw with different kinds and thechniques When I'm out of inspiration, I look in
manga books to find different techniques...
but I don't always find some. Drawing mangas We can also
create mangas
on a computer Drafts by Audrey Tremblay Naoko Takeuchi Naoko Takeuchi is the creator of Sailor Moon, a very popular manga. It's with the succes of her books that she started to be popular. I Love to draw mangas and chibis... Before, I thought that when it takes you a lot
of time to draw something, it means that
you're not good enough, and it's years after
that I realized that I was wrong about that.
It truly means that if you take a lot of time, the more time you take, the better your drawing will be. © Copyright Audrey Tremblay © Copyright Audrey Tremblay © Copyright Audrey Tremblay In I also love to draw mangas according to
how I feel... When I'm sad, I
draw sad things, and when I'm happy, I draw happy things. It's logic ! © Copyright Audrey Tremblay © Copyright Audrey Tremblay My
Passion Sometimes, I find inspiration
in songs, and it explains why I always listen to music while drawing. Rin & Len Haruhi Kaito Miku Luka I love to draw mangas bassed on my classmates E=mc 2 my head
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