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Copy of My life story as Lipid Fatty Food.

The path of a fatty food through the digestive system and absorbed into your body.

Yan Zhang

on 22 September 2011

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Transcript of Copy of My life story as Lipid Fatty Food.

Lipid Fatty Food's Diary Hi! My name is Lipid. I'm from the Fatty Food family. Diary Entry 1
Dear Diary,
Today my family, the Fatty Food family and I went on a trip. It is a trip of a lifetime through the human body. We arrived at the Mc Donald’s bus around lunch time and soon we took off. We arrived at the mouth in no time and according to plan the rest of the family and I split up and continued out trip singly. Diary Entry 2
Dear Diary,
Thank god I brought my atlas/Map along otherwise I would have been lost ages ago. The human body is larger than expected. I was at Epiglottis Station a while ago and now I have taken the Peristalsis Bus down the oesophagus tunnel.
Here is the map I prepared before I started my trip. Oesophagus Stomach Serperation form rest of family Small Intestine Mouth Blood Stream Muscle Cells Membranes of Apridose Cells Liver Epliglottis Station Villi Map through the Human Body Diary Entry 3
Dear Diary,
After a long trip through the
Oesophagus tunnel I am now in the stomach. I was reunited with my family and that was the first time i realised how large our family was... IT WAS MASSIVE! THERE WERE SOO MANY CELLS. Diary Entry 4
Dear Diary,
After a long day reuniting will family and friends, I have finally made it to my next destination, The Small Intestines Highway.
I even recieved a gift from a cousin. It was a interactive and moving animation map. Now I can make sure I definatly don't get lost anymore. Diary Entry 5
Dear Diary,
According to the map, I am now in the small intestines. It's such a busy place here... I see so many different cells. Just then some substance called 'Bile' came up to me. It started to unravgel me into little tiny pieces. I didn't mind but it really tickled. I am now following Leader Lipase to the Blood Stream River. This journey is getting more and more fun! Diary Entry 6
Dear Diary,
The Blood Stream River trip was rather boring... but know I'm at my destinantion. The final place I am going to visit in the Human Body, The Muscle Cells. I have reunited with Dad, but according to Dad, Mum was at a different place with her cousins. I think the place was called the Liver. Oh well... That marks to the end of my human body trip. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS PRESENTATION!! Bibliography
Summary Notes
Science Quest
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