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family tree

No description

phoebe twycross

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of family tree

Donna Twycross
(Mum) Shane Twycross (Dad) Born 24/2/1967
My mum is 43 and work as a nurse and wants to trave the world in a few years. She loves gardening and movies. Born 6/12/1967 Married My dad is 43 years old and loves anything to do with the outdoors
including camping, fishing, shooting and 4x4 driving.
he works as a manager of a big freezer in wodonga. Robert Twycross (grandpa) Kathleen Lloyd (grandma) Married Born:17/11/1937
Worked as a supervisor at Uncle Bens pet food factory for 27 years Born:29/4/1942
Worked as a libray assistant for 30 years and had 4 children Lloyd Twycross( uncle) Born:13/12/1964
Occupation: Policeman Joanne knobel( auntie) Married Paul Twycross (uncle) Born:2/10/1966
Occupation:shop manager Sally Dare (auntie) Kelly Twycross (auntie) Born:18/12/1969
Occupation: Department of housing Troy Megson (uncle) Married Married Alysha Jake Ryan Emily Tom Ned Ben Sarah Shaun Phoebe Twycross Born:12/6/1997 Jed Twycross Born:28/1/1999 Isabell Stevens (nanna) Born:15/6/1941 Craig Layton Born:17/8/1969
works as a builder Charlie Layton Born:18/3/1990 Laurence Layton (pop) Born:4/1/1944
Worked as an electrician Married My Family Tree
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