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Dimitrius Bright

on 16 May 2015

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Transcript of Aids

By: Dimitrius J. Bright
Acquired immune deficiency (AIDS) is a case of conditions made possible by the infection of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The disease is a virus that is spread through sexual activity, body fluids, or child birth. AIDS infects 10's of millions and kills over one million of people annually.
What are Aids?
AIDS are said to have originated in 20th century West Africa when a human had sexually contact with a monkey and developed an SIV. The infection had evolved as is was passed and became what it is today. But AIDS was a first declared a disease and observed in the US in the year 1981.
Origins of Aids
The first signs of AIDS is obtaining influenza like symptoms followed by fever, throat inflammation, and rash. The infection directly effects your immune system and kills off white blood cells. AIDS can also mouth ulcers, kidney damage, shingles, a strain on the heart, respiratory infection, and many more attacks on the body.
The Affects of AIDS
Aid's Affects on Society
AID's has infected over 39 million people in this world today in a person is infected with HIV's or AID's and over 5,700 people come in contract the viruses everyday. AIDS can be treated but currently has no cure (excluding involved cases of child birth). AIDS is taught that it can be prevented by: knowing your HIV status, safe sex, limiting number o sex partners, and/or abstains of sex.
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