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The Fault in Our Stars...

No description

Lauren Vaughn

on 11 October 2014

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Transcript of The Fault in Our Stars...

" 'I just got an email from Peter Van Houten's assistant. She thinks we're coming.'
She pursed her lips and squinted past me.
'What?' I asked.
'I'm not supposed to tell you till your father gets home.'
'What?' I asked again.
'Trip's on,' she said finally.'Dr. Maria called us last night and made a convincing case that you need to live your-'
MOM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!'I shouted..." (Green 127).
Relationships with Friends
In the novel,
The Fault in Our Stars
, Hazel Grace Lancaster becomes who she is by relationships with her friends. What I mean by that is, Hazel in the beginning of the book is not completely involved. She doesn't go out much, but by the end of the book Hazel will go out and do more because of her friends mostly Augustus Waters.
Relationships with Family
In the novel,
The Fault in Our Stars
, Hazel Grace Lancaster becomes who she is by her relationships with her family. I say this because all she knew as family right at this point in her life (beginning of the book)was her mom and dad by the end she ended up with more than them like Gus' family and Gus' friends.
When Hazel had arrived at the funeral for Augustus she had noticed his parents.
"Gus' mom and dad were standing next to the coffin, hugging everybody as they passed by, but when they noticed me, they smiled and shuffled over.I got up and hugged first his dad and then his mom, who held me too tight, like Gus used to, squeezing my shoulder blades." (Green 269).
Personal Appearance
For my Independent Reading Project the novel I chose is,
The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green.I chose Hazel Grace Lancaster as the character that I tell about. So, what makes Hazel Grace who she is, well let's go find out.
The Fault in Our Stars...
Citation Explanation
The idea for putting these citations is to show she would have never done anything like go to Amsterdam, if it hadn't been for her friend Augustus. In fact she wouldn't have done a lot of things, that she has, if it hadn't been for Augustus.
When Hazel was on her laptop she checked an email and then called her Mom , so that she could tell to tell Peter's assistant that the trip was off.
Citation Explanation
The motive for putting this citation is to show that it shows that Hazel has formed more than just a bond with her parents. Since she formed a bigger bond with Augustus she also came closer to his family which now is basically her family now.
In the novel,
The Fault in Our Stars
, Haze Grace Lancaster becomes who she is by her personal appearance. I say this because in the beginning of the book she doesn't leave the house much but even when she does and people ask about her cancer she doesn't let it bother her.
When Hazel is at the airport about to go to Amsterdam a little girl comes up to her.
"I was just about to the end when this little girl with barretted braids appeared in front of me and said,'What's in your nose?'And I said,'Um it's a cannula.These tubes give me oxygen and they help me breathe.'Her mother swooped in and said,'Jackie,' disapprovingly,but I said,'No no, it's okay,'because it totally was, and then Jackie asked,'Would they help me breathe, too?'
'I dunno. Let's try.'I took it off and let Jackie stick the cannula in her nose and breathe.'Tickles' she said,'I know, right?
'I think I'm breathing better,'she said.
'Yeah.' (Green 46-47).
Citation Explanation
The reason I chose this quote is because it shows that Hazel Grace is not ashamed of her appearance. Even though some people ask her questions that might embarrass her she isn't afraid to tell them the answer. For example, when the little girl asked her what that thing in her nose was she didn't mind.
When Hazel goes to Isaac's house they talk about Gus.
'Did he ever give you that thing he was writing?'
'What thing?'
'That sequel or whatever to that book you liked.'
I turned to Isaac.'What?'
'He said he was working on something for you but he wasn't that good of a writer."
(Green 282).
When Hazel and Gus are on their way to Peter Van Houten's house and she dressed like Anna.
"Chuck Taylor's and dark jeans like she always wore, and a light blue t-shirt."(Green 179).

Citation Explanation
The reasoning behind this quote is that it shows that even though she knows that she won't look like Anna with oxygen tank and all but she still loves the book enough and is committed to looking as normal as possible.
"Late in the winter of my seventeenth year, my mother decided I was depressed,presumably because I rarely left the house, spent quite a lot of time in my bed, read the same book over and over, ate infrequently , and devoted quite a bit of my abundant free time to thinking about death."(Green 3).
When Hazel is describing her life on the first page of the book she says,
Citation Explanation
The purpose for putting this quote from the book is that it shows my claim is correct. In the beginning all she knew was her parents, and her house and as it shows in this citation her bed, and her book,
An Imperial Affliction.
Which leads to further friends and family (Gus and his family).
Citation Explanation
The intention for putting this quote from the book is Isaac told Hazel something that put her in a mode. One that isn't like her. What I mean by that is Isaac, which was her friend, changed her for a moment. Something gave her the urge to find whatever Gus wrote, she searched until she finally found what Gus had written.
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