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Welcome Back To School!

No description

Bonnie Finato

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Welcome Back To School!

Math Grading Policy
Tests: 35%
Quizzes: 15%
Homework: 25%
POWS/Problem Solving/Group work: 15%
Study Skills
(Notebook, Participation, etc): 10%
Welcome Back To School!
Mrs. Finato
7th Grade
Math Teacher
Student Expectations
Goals for the Course
About Me

A little about my teaching experience….
- Elementary School
- High School
- Middle Scho
3. I am available before school, at brunch, at lunch, at TEAM and after school
to help students.

2. Positive Reinforcement

1. Class Rules:
- Respect yourself and others
- Be prepared for class
- Be honest to yourself and others
- When the bell rings, be ready to work

This is the first year in a two-year accelerated course.

Students will cover all of 7th grade Common Core standards, with the addition of some Standards for 8th grade, allowing students to cover 3 years of material in 2 years (7th and 8th grade).

These additions from 8th grade include
- Having students develop the concept of a function and use functions to describe quantitative relationships
- Analyze two- and three-dimensional space and figures using distance, angles, similarity and congruence.
- Understand function and use functions to describe quantitative relationships.
- Learn and apply the Pythagorean Theorem.

- HOLT Mathematics: Course 2 (BGB)
- Connected Math
- Common Core Pilot
1. Homework is assigned every class period.

2. A quiz is given every Friday
(Thursday for 3rd Period)

3. Students keep all homework assignments until the end of each week. Students will take a HW quiz every Monday to assess their completion and correction of HW.

4. Students should use their Math Notes and Classwork to assist them with homework.

5. Chromebooks will be used to help differentiate material.
Math Facts
How Can I Keep Informed About My Child's Work in Math?

- As a parent, you can easily check if your child is completing homework by looking at his/her homework assignment and stamping sheet.

- Also, the dates of all quizzes and tests are written on the homework stamp sheets.

- All tests must be signed by a parent, so be on the lookout for those (approximately once a month)

Can students retake tests and quizzes for a better grade or do extra credit?

-Students can do test corrections for tests below 80%.
(only ONE unit in PAA)

-Students must come in for an appointment to do test corrections with Mrs. Finato

How can I help my student prepare for tests or quizzes?
-Encourage your student to do as many practice problems as possible!
-Review the vocabulary words together
-Make a “practice” test for your student from previous quizzes or homework assignments
-Encourage your student to ask for help!
7th Grade Math Team
-All 7th grade math teachers meet weekly
-Create common assessments
-Create common learning targets and calendars
What should my child do if he/she is absent?
-It is the student’s responsibility to see me immediately upon returning to school after an absence to schedule a time to make up missed tests or quizzes.

-If the student is going to be absent and knows about it ahead of time, a parent or the student should request the work before the absence.

-Use Calendar and Stampsheets!
What does an average day
in Math look like?
Head Problem
Review Homework
New Material/ Notes
Teacher Guided Practice/Activity
Reflection/Exit Ticket
Teacher Information
Room: H2
Website: mrsfinato.com
Email: bfinato@pausd.org
Thank you!!!

I look forward to a great year
of studying math!
Math Club!
We are looking for parent
helpers! Please email me at
bfinato@pausd.org if you
are interested!

Thank you PTA and PIE!
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