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Marriage between

No description

Nicolás Pérez Caro

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Marriage between

Situation in Colombia
Countries that approve
Why yes?
Why not?
Why yes?
They have the same rights of a heterosexual person.
If we don't approve this we are promoting the discrimination against this persons.
Be homosexual is not an option. (According to United States Association of Psychiatry).
Situation In
Politic Constitution
Article 42:
'The family is the nucleus of the society. It is formed by a man and a woman.'
Real Cases
The first homosexual marriage was approved on June 20 , 2013 in Bogota , the second was approved on July 24 , 2013.
Countries that approve
Netherlands (2000)
Belgium* (2003) (2006*)
Spain (2005)
Canada (2005)
South Africa (2006)
Norway (2008)
Sweden (2009)
Portugal (2010)
Iceland (2010)
Argentina (2010)
Denmark (2012)
Uruguay (2013)
New Zealand (2013)
England (March 30 0f 2014)
Marriage between

Thank you!
Julian R Ramirez
Nicolas Perez Caro
Jimmy Castro Uzeta
Andres Ardila G
Why not?
-They are equal to the rest of the persons.
-They can be better tutors than the heterosexual parents.
-They have the same feelings that we have.
It changes the definition of family and marriage.
The boys of this kind of families will be exposed to be bullied.
Colombia is a religious country , and the catholic church disagrees.
Be homosexual is not an option
Be homosexual is not an option. (According to United States Association of Psychiatry).
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