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1970's a decade in fashion

highlighting influential designers in fashion

Gina Lentinello

on 11 July 2011

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Transcript of 1970's a decade in fashion

falling hemlines key designers the 1970's
A DECADE IN FASHION hippie diffusion anti-fashion business wear 1975-79: Mid-calf skirts appeared in Fashion Wear what you want, where and when you want. Fashion became pro-choice Continuation of fashion from the 1960's that were based around youth, freedom, equality & anti-capitalism. WORLD EVENTS presented by
gina lentinello
caroline seaman major
trends vietnam war oil crisis stock market new consumer sportswear funkification classic innovation grunge architecture Key Looks for the 70's in-your face fashion the new american new materials and silhouettes trashy fabrics, vulgar design creative cuts watergate unemployment bicentennial Mini vs. Midi Women's Liberation lead to increasing amounts of women gaining high paying jobs in the workforce for everyday wear GIORGIO ARMANI softened menswear menswear inspiration clean, tailored lines Softened mens clothing through jackets without padding and interlining while expanding men's color palette. Armani's 1975 womenswear show designs were directly inspired from menswear classics. Tailored suiting for women combined sexuality and physical power for men and women alike. softer, easily-draped luxury fabrics which Armani said would "draw more attention to the body" Armani's fashion of the 70's symbolized easy self-assurance and understated elegance 1970 1975 1978 1979 Key Dates Armani and Sergio Galeotti establish Giorgio Armani, S.p.A. Armani enters licensing agreement with GFT Giorgio Armani Corp. is established in the U.S. Armani establishes himself as a freeance designer GIANFRANCO FERRE bold womenswear architect of fashion 1970 1975 1974 1972-73 Key Dates Ferre's Beachwear series wins first prize Designed his first Womenswear Collection, Baila Worked as a raincoat designer Began his fashion career designing accessories After graduating from Milan's Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Architecture, he applied this theory to fashion earning the nickname "L'Archittecto" In 1974 he launched his womenswear line in Milan noted for his women's business suits with bold seams and white blouses being his trademark CALVIN KLEIN 1969 1973 1975 1978 Key Dates Winner of Coty American Fashion Critic's Winnie Award Inducted into the Coty Hall of Fame Began menswear collection and is selling 2 million pairs of jeans per month. Klein's classic sportwear appears on the cover of Vogue new american look back to basics quiet look of luxury dare to denim Klein exploited the potential of both the women's liberation and the sexual revolution to create his own original looks which were some of the first American fashions that did not knock of European designs. Combining basic shapes with sportswear influences, his simplicity of design used "couture fabrics" in pale neutral hues. Monochromatic and minimal look had a discreet erotic edge through it's interchangable wardrobe pieces. Early advocate of "Day into Night" dressing A slim-cut pair of denim jeans with the Klein name embroided on the back pocket were the first pair to ever appear on a runway in Spring 1976 NORMA KAMALI london calling the parachute dress sweatshirt material Inspired by the grunge movement in London she brought the feel to her Manhattan boutique where she was known for having individualized garments. safety pin embellishments and reptile applique An innovative idea which began with the idea of using a lot of material with gathers to control the volume of designs. Transforming sweatshirt material and creating comfortable casualwear 1970 1974 1975 1977 Key Dates Designs parachute clothing & moves her boutique to Madison Avenue Designs the Sleeping Bag Coat Swimwear style "pull bikini" featured on cover of Cosmopolitan worn by Christie Brinkley Opened Boutique in New York City 1978 Opens store, On My Own, featuring her all original designs RALPH LAUREN Jazz Age Nostalgia Power Suiting 1970 1971 1972 1978 Key Dates Releases a line of women's suits tailored in clasic men's style with the Polo emblem Release of the famous short sleeve mesh shirt with Polo logo Introduction of Western and Cowboy inspired collection Won Coty Award for his line of menswear Clean-cut style influenced mainstream population Costume designer for The Great Gatsby film Gave a surge of power to women through his suits, blazers and sporty shirts all which remained of the American iconic Polo emblem 1970 1970-74 Key Dates Designs for Alley Cat, a reasonably priced junior sportswear company where she had full creative control. Produced a line of 8 Betsey Johnson for Alley Cat patterns making her aesthetic even more affordable. Johnson leaves boutique, Paraphernalia, because store
expansion means less control over the design process the performing seamstress BETSEY JOHNSON rock n' roll influence youthful glow Always playful designs with costume-like sensibility, an outlook her work maintains to this day colorful dance costumes Velvet Underground and involvement with Andy Warhol
influenced her designs throughout the 1970's Transoformed popular styles and created her own youthful version retro fantasies and ethnic influences questions?
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