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Percy Jackson: Battle Of The Labyrinth

No description

Hayley Al

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Percy Jackson: Battle Of The Labyrinth

I found the book very good! I didn't want to put it down. There was to most action in here and it was just great! I just found it really great its the best one I've read so far.
My view on the book
The theme of the story is to never give up. That is the theme because when Luke's army made it thought and they thought they where going to loose, Grover used his pipes and scared them back into the labyrinth.
Who are the characters and what's the setting?
The characters are Percy son of Poseidon, Annabeth daughter of Athena, Grover a satyr, Tyson a cyclops of Poseidon, and Rachel a normal girl who can see through the mist.
The setting is at Camp Half-Blood, and inside the labyrinth.
Percy Jackson: Battle Of The Labyrinth
The plot of the story is that Luke's army's growing and trying to find their way into camp, but no one knows how their really going to get in. Then, when training, Percy and Annabeth stumble into the labyrinth. This means if Luke's army could find a way to navigate the large, ever-growing labyrinth, he could find his way into camp. Annabth, Percy, Tyson, Grover and some help for Percy's friend Rachel, they race into the labyrinth to try to stop Luke's army.
The conflict of the book is that day by day Luke's army is getting stronger and closer to breaking into camp and if they get into camp, that could lead to all of Olympus falling and the titans raising.
Other's view on the book
Hayley Ziller
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