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Copy of The Respiratory System

By: Areeba

Chris Bickel

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Respiratory System

What is the
respiratory system Ways to hurt the Respiratory System Exercising to increase breath and heart
rates, Smoking - A lot harmful chemicals go in your blood and hurt your cells. Ways to help the Respiratory System Do's And Don'ts The respiratory system is a group of organs
that supply the body with oxygen.The system
consists of the nose,mouth,throat,lungs and
diaphragm.These organs work together to convert the air that is breathed in into oxygen for the blood.The body's cells require
oxygen in order to function,so if the respiratory system does not work properly,it can cause serious health complications or even be
fatal. Air Pollution - Dirt and more carbon dioxide enter your
body instead of oxygen. Indoor Air pollution - The offices and homes are mostly filled of indoor air pollution.Many things you clean with besides furniture and synthetic carpets. Environmental pollution - The environment smog contains many chemicals.Many of these
chemicals are exhausted by the vehicles and
the industries. No smoking Deep breathing and other types of breathing exercises Keeping lots of living plants in your home to increase oxygen levels Keeping dust,pet hair and dandruff at low levels Facts about the respiratory system Every minute we breathe,we take in 13 pints of air.We breathe about 6.15 liters of air every minute. We breathe about 9 to 20 times every minute.Through every breath,we breathe in about half a liter of air. . We exhale about half a liter of water vapor in a whole day. . We inhale and exhale air about 22,000 times per day and in the process transport about 300 cubic feet of air. . Get the habit of filling the lungs with good air during the day Don't smoke cigarettes Don't eat junk food Exercise daily . Try holding your breath as long as
possible to expand your lungs How does the respiratory
system work ? The respiratory system begins up top with the nose.The nose is the body's humidification and filtering system.The
nose filters dirt and other particles that should not get inside the body.Those nose hairs catch it.When we breathe in,the nose is also a humidification system so that the lungs
don't dry out.The mouth and the wind pipe come next.The wind pipe is the trachea.Did you ever hear anyone say,''oh that went down the wrong pipe''?That is correct.
Food goes down the esophagus into the
stomach,air goes down the trachea
into the lungs.That's why people
gag and cough when some thing goes the wrong pipe.The lungs are
not meant to have food How To Keep Your Respiratory System Healthy Step:1 Exercise regularly.Always check with your doctor before beginning exercise,especially if you already have any respiratory or other types of conditions. Step:2 Eat a diet rich in nutrients necessary for a healthy respiratory system. Step:3 Drink plenty of water to help thin mucus secretions that accumulate in your lungs,facilitating easier breathing. Step:4 Add houseplants to your rooms.Indoor plants can improve the quality of the air in your home by removing
chemical vapors that can harm respiratory
health. Step:5 Wash your hands frequently,get vaccinated for the flu and practice good oral hygiene to prevent infections that can travel from the mouth to the rest of the body. Step:6 Exercise in cleaner conditions,such as side streets or parks away from busy thoroughfares.Check
air quality reports for your area so that you don't exercise outside on heavily polluted days. Credits LiveStrong.com www.helium.com Wiki answers www.howtodothings.com www.buzzle.com Answers.yahoo.com down in them.
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