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Physical & Chemical changes in State!

Science Fair 2013:)

Sadhna Dindayal

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Physical & Chemical changes in State!

Science Fair! Our Topic: Physical & Chemical
Changes! Examples! Trivia Time! Answers! Here's how it works! Chemical Changes! Physical Changes We all hope you
learned something today & thanks for your time! The Answer is... Questions, Questions! Let's do some review! By:Amara, Latoya, Sadhna & Umayya:) Does anyone know what Physical &
Chemical changes are? A great example of a physical change is water freezing. A great example of a Chemical Change is kernels changing into popcorn! 1. Physical & Chemical changes! Our time has come to an end! Good Luck :) Physical changes don't change what an
object or substance is despite the change in state. Chemical changes do change what an object or substance is in changes of state. We all know that if you were to put water in a cold place & leave it for a long time it would get frozen & turn to ice! Then, when you add heat to the ice, it becomes
water again! This would be a physical change because
even though when you freeze water it changes
& turns to ice, but when you heat the ice up it
turns into water again. This would be a physical
change because the water doesn't change & it's
still water! At first, popcorn is just a bunch of kernels! Then, when we heat it up in the microwave,
it becomes popcorn! This would be a chemical change because,
when you put the kernels into a microwave the
kernels change to popcorn. This is a chemical
change because once the kernels become
popcorn, they can't turn into kernels again! Now, it's time to do
some experiments! We'll call up two people at a time to answer a question about
Physical & Chemical changes. If you get the question right...you get
a special treat! Keep your hands behind your back. The first one that taps the desk will get to
answer, then you'll answer the question & we'll
show the correct answer on our Prezi! 2. Physical change- water
Chemical change- popcorn
(answers may vary) 3. Cooking chicken is a physical change because
even though you're cooking it, it doesn't change the fact that it's a chicken! 4. Physical changes don't change something
even after the changes in state.
Chemical changes do change something after
changes in state. 5. An egg
(Answer may vary) The volcano is a chemical change because,
once the baking soda & vinegar are mixed
together, they can't turn back into baking soda &
vinegar. *There are some things, such as eggs that can be
both physical & chemical changes!* Now for a video! Now, here are two videos demonstrating this!
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