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My holidays!

No description

Nora Cortés

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of My holidays!

Judith and I we went to a birthday party. It was very funny! I'm next to Judith.
She's Julia Molina, my best friend.
With Pau, we went to the river with Marc, too, but
the water was super dirty!!!
with Maria... We record a video!
At the first day of the summer, I went to the L'Escala. It's very beautiful. I took some photos with my brother Ivan. It was very nice because we're in the rocks thinking about the summer...
I go to the Rubina's beach with my dog. I play with my dog and with my brother and then we are tooking photos.
Latetly I went to my cousins' house and I'm painted half of my hair in blue!
I always I am meeting with friends!!! Look some photos...
I love this photo!! We're with my mobile in the water!! Was amazing.
Look some fotos of my brother and I!
It wasn't my birthday. Was the birthday of one friend. We bought some sweets. In birthdays, we always try to do a sorprise birthday: buy the present, and do the cake. It's very funny!!!!
The birthday
All this summer, I sometimes met with my friends: to took some photos, to play football, to dance, to play videogames, etc.. I love play videogames!
At this summer, Julia always call me to go on her swimming pool! She's got glasses, now red hair, and she's very very CRAZY!! Like me :P
We are always laughing!!!!
Julia's pool
My holidays!
How I do this photo?
Well, In this photo we're me and my friends
at the swimming pool of Vilafant. It was
very funny because we're tooking photos
and recording videos behind water!!
I go to Acústica 2 days, with fourteen
friends! The 2nd day, we went to the bed
at 5:00h a.m!!
In this photo, you can see Paula Cabanyo is between Manar and me.
I love play videogames,
with my brother, with my friends or alone.
My favourite game is Minecraft. I'm always playing
This day...
Later, Berta Martin go to sleep at my
house. We're watching some horror films.
We're laughing all the time. Next day, we're
tooking photos.
She's Samantha. She's from Germany also she speaks in English all the time ((sometimes in german)). She haven't got idea of Spanish or Catalan. She's my friend.
She's so funny and very CRAZY!!
She's screaming all the time. She take a walk with my uncle and they're do "Camino de Santiago".
Finally I give a present to Samantha: a die, because she says all the time: TRY AND GOOD LUCK! :)
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