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Who I Am

No description

Morgan Sikes

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Who I Am

Morgan Sikes Who I Am My Family ... Another addition to the family Adorable
loving Where I'm From... City Best of both world! Everything to do there Country Douglasville Eat, Sleep, Softball Childhood Events... Jaundice.... Is when my parent's blood wasn't compatible, which caused my skin to turn yellow. While Jaundice isn't a major concern, it turned out to be a very traumatic experience for my family. I was treated with light therapy at home. The second day at home the nurse came to check my bilirubin and burnt me very badly 911 National Event... sad moment in my life, even if I was too young to understand Daily Events! School
Social Life My mom & dad are my heroes! My Mentor always there to help
pushes me to be the best
never gives up on me
believes in me Mom Dad Helps me with softball
always there to cheer me up
fixes everything that I tear up Always there for me
not only a coach but a friend for life
FCA leader My Coach Orange Personality Type Grades
reward Motivation Extrinsic & Intrinsic I would like to get in the nursing program
Do well in softball
Become a better person all around Personal Goals What makes me unique? I'm left handed A nurse anesthetist
A pediatric nurse Career: Become a nurse
have a faith driven husband and family
Becoming a better person
And be happy with my life and who I am Success: Any Questions? Risk taker
naturally competitive
playful Sophomore - Senior year (Captain) Personal best experience of leadership: State Sophomore year happiness I feel after it is over with
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