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Sensory Language

A Library 5th Grade Presentation

S.r Als

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Sensory Language

The sense of smell in sensory language can create special images in your mind because smell can be linked to memories.

For example:
The sentence, "The orange fish smelt like garbage and raw sewage," can make you think of the smell of cinnamon because it is so well know. Fish are smelly, right? Hear your way to the top! Monsters can't eat sensory language! Goal! Movies are moving images. To create "mind movie" for the reader, they have to see it. All movies need sound, so using the sense of hearing in a story or paper can really make that mental image come alive.

For example:

The video game music had short, plucky, high notes.

Can't you hear the sounds of the plucky notes in your mind? Taste in Sensory Language You now know how to use sensory language! What is sensory language? Sensory language is using you senses
create a mental image in the
reader's mind. Smell in Sensory Language Hearing in Sensory Language When people go to a restaurant, the usually go to there to eat. Make your papers and stories like a restaurant and have them taste the details of your story.

An example:

Writing, "As the monster ate the tree, it could taste its bitter, broccoli-like flavor. " could help the reader taste your words.

That helps with the overall experience. The Game of Sensory Language See the Language! For example: "The boy saw the scaly, scarlet,
gooey fish and headed towards
it," can help the reader see what
the fish looks like. P.S. The monster hates broccoli. Felling in Sensory Language Feel this:

The cold, choppy water made the kids' skin numb.

Doesn't that make YOUR skin numb
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