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A.I programmer proje 123

No description

Kamaal Walker

on 29 August 2017

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Transcript of A.I programmer proje 123

A.I Programming
Presentation by (11 year old) Kamaal Walker
Related Careers
Salary of a AI programmer
Computer programmer,software programmer,video game programmer,PHP and PLC programmers
These are examples of jobs that are like A.I programmers
This is practically what A.I programming looks like.
Additional Info #1
They can earn around $138,000
For a lot of people this is a large amount of money, you can buy 102,000 candy bars and about 12 really high performance computer.
Math used in A.I programming
Computer science,matrix algebra,bayesian statistics,multi varible calculas,and you have to know the information theory.
Math example
Bobishculuya needs a programmed
robot to move at the speed of 26.9 but since robot1 cant move 6.3 speeds faster then robot 2 and robot2 moves at 21.6 what is the maximum speed robot1 can move at?
A programmer is subtracting vectors and makes a diagram. He needs to subtract the 2 vectors the velocity of the wind and propellor. c = (8,13) + (26,7) = (8+26,13+7) = (34,20)
An A.I programmer programs A.I for CPUs or in game computer controlled animated figures. They also have to write codes,research what codes to use for specific CPUs(but good A.I programmers memorize them),and they also use math to help navigate graphs.
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