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Research Presentation

Comprehensive research project for Missouri State University's graduate program in Educational Administration

Steve Moore

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Research Presentation

Perception Analysis of Student Understanding
and Enjoyment in a Developmental Reading Class Steve J. Moore, Bs.Ed.
Missouri State University 2010 Need identified for remediation in language arts students during grade nine
Focus on vocabulary and comprehension
Program placement is concurrent with grade nine language arts
Grade eight teacher recommendation + grade level equivalent
Introduction Background The Nelson Denny Reading Test Student Perceptions Methods Results Graphs! Analysis Implications Future Study Conclusions! While gains in students’ reading comprehension and vocabulary are apparent in the study, the author considers results to be incomplete
Student assessments may vary due to myriad factors not considered or controlled for
With further modifications, this study’s merit could be bolstered to provide a deeper look at this reading program
Research Questions Does placement in a developmental reading program raise grade equivalent scores as measured by the Nelson Denny Reading Test?

Does a surveying student perceptions of their own learning affect progress through a developmental reading program? Students needing remediation were assessed and placed during grade nine
No follow-up or post-course assessment was previously given
Measure of program success was non-existent
Incorporation of student perception of progress was deemed valuable but not measured previously
Grade eight: students take NDRT to assess reading/vocabulary grade equivalent
This assessment measures student response to multiple choice items
Long paragraphs with sequence and content questions
Vocabulary use and differentiation of meaning questions
Strongly supported by decades of research at many levels
Simple anonymous questionnaire using a Likert Scale to measure:
Understanding of content
Enjoyment of content

Weekly surveying over eight weeks

Also measured:
Quantity of material read (unreliable figure)
Overal Measure of course effectiveness
Students administered NDRT 2009 before placement
Students administered NDRT 2010 mid-placement
Students surveyed mid-placement for eight weeks
2009 Grade Equivalent x = 6.35
2010 Grade Equivalent x = 7.36

Overall Measure
Week 1 = 87.8
Week 4 = 78.8
Week 8 = 90.9
The gain in average grade equivalent is promising
However, individual student data must be considered
Some students made significant gains of multiple grade equivalents in < 1 year
Some student’s failed to maintain
The reading program is providing some effective remediation
The gains measured are promising, but ultimately all students needs should be met
The overall measure for student perception shows a slight dip at the midpoint
The terminal week measure shows a net increase in reading enjoyment as declared by students
Author wishes to extend to a larger population including students outside of the reading program
Measuring against a second population will allow for isolation of results
The reading program will be differentiated from normal student growth
A more robust study
Student perceptions matched with assessment data
Student conferences including more feedback
Acknowledgements & Thanks My patient wife for supporting me while completing this study
Drs. Kim Finch, Robert Watson and Missouri State University for encouragement and instructional support
Principal Daren Harris and Republic High School for allowing me to do this study and for assistance gathering data
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