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My Life

No description

Mr. Stack

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of My Life

The answer is YES!!! Other things that I love with skating are horseback riding and............. PUPPIES!!! I have done horseback riding since I was 8 and it is........................... AWESOME!!!!! I also love puppies because they are so cute!! I love Yorkshire terriers and west highland white terriers!!!
My favorite things about skating
What I love about figure skating is the feeling when you float on the ice and spin around and jump. I also like it because it just makes me feel that I am an ordinary girl who has a great ability to do skating.
Why I started figure skating
When I was almost 8, my friend was doing figure skating. I had always liked figure skating, but the problem was that there were not any places near us that would teach figure skating. After i turned 8, my mom told me that she found a place where I could do figure skating. After a week, my mom had bought me a 10 time skating lesson so I started skating. She also bought me new skates.
How I prepare for skating
My skating lessons start at 9:00 am, so I need to wake up really early. It takes about 20-25 minutes to drive. My mom normally brushes my hair and then I go get something to eat. I normally play with my laptop before the lesson and then I put my skating outfit on. Then I just go on the ice and practice 20 minutes before the actual lesson. So that is how I prepare for skating.
My Life
My life as a figure skater
Is there anything else that I love as much as skating?
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