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Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen

No description

Anya Garasimowicz

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen

Colie is a 14 year old girl who struggles with her weight. She has been bullied. Keeping the Moon

by Sarah Dessen Colie's mom helps people all around the world keep themselves fit. Colie's Aunt Mira has to take care of Colie while Colie's mother is away. She lives in Colby which is a small town. Norman is kind of strange to the people of Colby because he dresses different and has a different type of attitude. He is also a painter. Colie was bullied her whole life and still faces those problems. Colie was also overweight most her life and now that her mom has gotten her fit, Colie feels that a part of her is missing and she struggles to maintain that healthy weight. Colie gets a job at the Last Chance bar/grill and she meets Isabel and Miranda. Isabel is really mean to her and Colie can't figure out why. Colie gets to know Aunt Mira, Isabel, Miranda, and Norman better. Colie realizes that it is possible for her to make friends in Colby. Colie learns that even people who seem so perfect like Isabel may also have a side to them that is not so perfect. In Colie's case, this would be obesity. Colie may not be able to put the bullying behind her, but she does have the friends who can help her move toward her goals and worry less. Colie finds out more about Norman. She learns that Norman doesn't talk to his dad anymore because his dad didn't want Norman to become a painter. He had wanted Norman to be a business man and they got into arguments over it. Colie learns that Isabel was also overweight when she was Colie's age. Colie figures out that if Isabel can work hard enough to become healthy and fit, then Colie can too. Colie and Norman become friends and Colie learns that she can trust Norman even though he is a bit strange. They connect in a certain way that Colie doesn't understand. For example, Norman collects sunglasses and somehow him giving her sunglasses helps her feel like they are better friends. Colie starts to find out more about her friends and the things they were able to overcome. Colie helps Miranda with her problems while Colie herself faces something she never thought would happen like seeing the girl who bullied her in Colby. Conflict
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