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Enhancing Multimodal Platforms , Inland waterways and Railways services Integration in Central Europe

Andrea Condotta

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of EMPIRIC

A representative and reliable partnership
Problems to be addressed
the CE area is crossed by relevant freight traffic flows, originated and directed in-and outside it;
this traffic is mainly supported by road infrastructures due to the lack of adequate multimodal infrastructures and competitive services;
this generates negative impacts in terms of transport sustainability and environmental effects;
lack of coordination of the transnational and local strategies for the valorization of multimodal transport solutions (especially those based on sea and inland waterways port infrastructures).
Evaluating of the capacity of current goods flows to generate the demand for the activation of new intermodal service
Assessing the economic, social and environmental impacts of new intermodal logistic platforms and services
Analysing of incentives for multimodality and definition of a users common position on related policies
Promoting business fostering meeting opportunities

Strengthening the condition for safety improvement;
Transferring of knowledge related to e-infrastructures, business models and ICT tools for IWW transport;
Analysing the possible development of new railway services
Enhancing Multimodal Platforms, Inland waterways and Railways services Integration in Central Europe

The project
EMPIRIC is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme

The EMPIRIC project has been developed to support the start up and improvement of multimodal connections from/to North Adriatic Ports with Central Europe hinterland

EMPIRIC has been conceived as an initiative to integrate and capitalize results of previous international projects and local initiatives for the promotion of multimodal transport solutions and increased interconnectivity of individual transport modes.

Venice Port Authority (IT) – LP
TINA Vienna (AUS)
Luka Koper (SI)
Institue for Transport and Logistics
Foundations – ITL (IT)
Pannon Business Network
Association (HUN)
Institute of Logistics and
Warehousing (PL)
Consortium for the development of
Polesine – CONSVIPO (IT)
Consortium for the Industrial
Development of the Aussa-Corno area (IT)
Austrian Mobility Research – FGM AMOR (AUS)
Agency of East Lombardy for Transport and Logistics – A LOT (IT)
Institute of Economics - University of Rzeszow (POL)
Af-Cityplan Ltd (CZ)

Important public and private
stakeholders, lead by
Venice Port Authority,
chose to cooperate together
for achieving
project objectives

Six Countries involved

Czech Republic
Extend your business opportunities through multimodal cooperation in Central Europe
General objectives
Set up of the framework conditions for stimulate investments in infrastructures and service to increase the competitiveness of multimodal transport and promote the use of intermodal solutions.

Specific objectives

Supporting the activation of new intermodal transport services linking the Adriatic sea with the Central European regions.
proposing economic tools to incentive the modal shift and supporting the matching between service providers and relevant customers.
Preparing infrastructural investments for alternative intermodal platforms.
Increase the competitiveness and the integration of the inland waterways transport services in the logistics chain

What have we already delivered?

Three main categories:

Alternative logistic services
Strengthening the competitiveness of intermodal solution and services
Making intermodal trasport solutions more attractive

What have we already delivered?

10 regional analyzes on good flows;
1 transnational feasibility study;
A gis-tool available on the website for multimodal platforms mapping;
5 impact analyses of new multimodal services and infrastructures.

Alternative logistic services
What have we already delivered?

Strengthening the competitiveness of intermodal solution and services

Organisation of 11 business cafès (more than 800 participants);
More than 400 private actors involved in project activities;
Policies for incentives analysed in all countries involved;
Elaboration of a Common position paper based on more than 100 interviews about incentive policies;
Analyses on safety training procedures in Czech Republic and Poland;

What have we already delivered?

Making intermodal trasport solutions more attractive

Five Business analyses on national inland navigation;
Know how trasfer from Danube to Po' Ris;
Five business plans for new railway services linking North Adriatic Ports with Central Europe Interland;
Assessment on NAPA EDI platforms.
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