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Educational Online Game

Group C (KAPPA)

Maria Luisa Paulino

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Educational Online Game

Group C (KAPPA)
ED-271-03 (SPRING 2013)
Professor Taylor Fractions are Fun! Jes Alvarez Double Majoring in Secondary Education
and Biology Gianna Mesa Undeclared, but interested in Secondary
Education in Reading Maria Luisa Paulino Double Majoring in Secondary Education
and Math Pedro Salas Secondary Education with emphasis in
Chamorro Language and Culture with
a minor in Fine Arts, Music. Stephanie Singenes Elementary Education What are fractions? A fraction is a way of representing a division of a 'whole'
in to parts.
It is in the form of numerator/denominator.
Numerator- the number of parts chosen
Denominator- the total number of parts
Examples: 1/3, 1/2, 2/5, etc.
An equivalent fraction is a fraction that names
same amount . Fresh Baked Fractions www.funbrain.com/fract/index.html Easy Mode (Example) Answer: In the end... Goal of the game:
Help Fraction Jackson get his pies. Our Game Rubrics: CONS: -Game could become boring after playing for some time. (Doesn't change)
-Too simple.
-Only teaches students about one part of fractions.
-Problems are repititive. PROS: -The game has different levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, Super Brain)
-Concept of the game is interesting. (The more answers you get right the more pies you get.)
-Easy way for students to understand equivalent fractions. QUESTIONS??? THE END. THANK YOU :) Participation-Please go to the website: www.funbrain.com/fract/index.html
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