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Every breath you take

No description

selena dominguez

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Every breath you take

The reason why chose this song was because its about friends and it reminds me about my best friend and how she can always count on me.
count on me
The man
This song reminds me of my self and my brother but mostly him because we driving one day and the song came on and we just started being little weirdos pretty much being our self's. The song also has a good beat to it. Every time I hear it I just want to sing.
"Let Her Go"
"Wake Me Up"
I chose this song because it has a really good beat and i just love to listen to it , it gets my mind off of things and its just awesome.
I chose this because its a good song with a good meaning and unlike other song actually has a meaning.
I chose this song because when I hear it I just want to dance and it put me in a happy mood.
when I was your man: Bruno Mars
I chose this song because
When I was your Man: Bruno Mars
I chose this song because its a good song and for some reason it calms me. It also has a meaning and I love songs with meanings.
Grenade: Bruno Mars
I chose this song because it has a good beat and he wrote with meaning and not just because. It also makes me sing.
Marry You: Bruno Mars
I chose this song because its amazing it makes me want to get up and just dance and because its my brother and his wife's song. It also has a good beat.
Treasure : Bruno Mars
I chose this song because I wish someone would treasure me.... Just kidding I chose it because I love the beat and I just love Bruno Mars as a Artist and he and his songs are amazing.
Jesus Take the Wheel : Carrie Underwood
I chose this song because its about being given another chance at life. I have been given another chance at life physically because I was ran over and I almost died but I got another chance.
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