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Serial Killers of the 60's

No description

Sarah Bounar

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Serial Killers of the 60's

Serial Killers of the 60's
By Sarah Bounar

Famous Killers of the 60's:
1. Rudy Bladel:“The Railway Sniper” 1963-1978
2.Zodiac Killer; 1968-1970
3.Lucian Staniak; "The Red Spider" 1964-1967
4. John Wayne Gacy; "The Killer Clown" 1967- 1978
5. Boston Strangler: 1962- 1964
6. Charles Manson: 1967-1970

The Zodiac Killer
Never found out his true identity.
Claimed to have killed 37 people, only 7 people were ever confirmed.
Sent 4 cryptic letters, only 1 was solved.
Mainly killed couples.
Known Victims of the Zodiac-
Cheri Jo Bates:
Oct. 30, 1966
Believed to be the Zodiac's first victim
David Faraday & Betty Lou Jensen
Dec. 20, 1968
Faraday was 17, Jensen was 16.
Lake Hermen Road on the outskirts of Vallejo.
Darlene Faraden & Mike Mageau
July 5, 1969
Faraden, 22. Mageau, 19.
Blue Rock Springs Park on
the outskirts of Vallejo.
Cecilia Shepard & Bryan Hartnell
Sept. 29, 1969
Shepard, 22. Hartnell, 20.
Lake Berryessa near Napa.
Possible Suspects-
Arthur Leigh Allen:
In 1991, survivor Michael Mageau pointed out him when shown a set of Zodiac suspect photos from the time of the killings.
Jack Tarrance:
Was reported by his stepson, Dennis Kaufman.
Charles Manson:
Mother didn't want him; no father.
Religious, and used that to manipulate people.
Age of 34, he formed the "Charles Manson Family".
Attracted young women with troubled pasts.
Why'd he do it?
Believed the Beatles were prophets, sent to warn a revolution was going to happen.
Armageddon, the blacks would rise to power and kill all whites.
When it did not happen he sent his family to kill people.
Who he murdered...
Manson told four of his followers to go to 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles and kill the people inside. This house once belonged to Terry Melcher.
Sharon Tate and her husband rented out the house.
Tate, her unborn child, and 4 others who were visiting her died.
Next night, Manson's followers killed Leno & Rosemary Labianca.
This guy wanted a musical career...

Met and hung out with Denis Wilson of the Beach boys.
They recorded a song of his, "Never Learn Not To Love".
Through Wilson, he met Terry Melcher, Doris Day's son.
When he wasn't successful, his followers and him moved to Spahn Ranch in San Fernando Valley.
Boston Strangler
Reign of terror: 1962-1964
the exact number of victims—as well as his identity—proved a matter of controversy.
Murdered at least 11 women in the Boston area.
Sexually assaulted and strangled the women.
Some of the Victims:
Ana Slesers, 65:
Seen entering her apartment at 5:30.
Her son, Juris, finds her at 7:30 when he comes to pick her up.
Patricia Bisette, 23
Tells a friend she is not afraid of the Boston Strangler.
She is found by a coworker.
She was one month pregnant.
Mary Sullivan, 19
Last victim of the Strangler.
Roomates believe her to be sleeping, make dinner, come and wake her up to see she is dead.
Believed that the women knew their assailant.
Salvo had many inconsistencies in his confessions.
In 2003 DNA evidence proved that Salvo was the Boston Strangler.
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