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E4: Beowulf

No description

john meehan

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of E4: Beowulf

( ) Fæder ure,
ðu ðe eart on heofenum,
si ðin nama gehalgod;
to-becume ðin rice;
geweorþe ðin willa on eorðan swa swa on heofenum.
Urne ge dæghwamlican hlaf syle us to-deag,
and forgyf us ure gyltas
swa swa we forgifaþ urum gyltendum,
ane ne gelæde ðu us on costnunge, ac alys us of yfle. Can you translate this passage? author:

date of


setting: Important Characters Scandanavia 8th-11th century
(circa 900-1200 A.D) unknown Beowulf wergild = were ("man") gild ("payment") a price set upon a person's life on the basis of rank and paid as compensation by the family of a slayer to the kindred or lord of a slain person to free the culprit of further punishment or obligation and to prevent a blood feud. What makes the ULTIMATE villain? Grendel Hrothgar (in order of appearance) DAY 1: Grendel is the very embodiment of evil. He is an inhuman descendant of Cain. ULTIMATE TURN IN a five-sentence paragraph in which you itemize which virtues an ideal hero should embody. TONIGHT'S HOMEWORK: what makes the hero? Last night's homework: What did your online artifact research teach you about the society and culture of the Anglo Saxons? The concept of wergild is INCREDIBLY important to Anglo-Saxon culture. Old English Herot is King Hrothgar's great mead hall. Our story begins on page 21... DAY 2: Write a one sentence recap of our story thus far. Herot
Hrothgar Grendel
Beowulf Your recap should mention: Where did Grendel come from? Adam & Eve Abel & Cain Cain is banished and branded by God Biblical source of Original Sin Cain murders his brother. Break covenant with God. have two sons GRENDEL Your Next Essay will deal with "Monsters and Men" and the qualities that define them both. For that reason, you will need to create and maintain two separate "T" charts in your binders to track the characteristics of the following: MONSTERS line # trait HEROES line # trait DAY 3: Think of a clever catchphrase or slogan that you've seen in a movie or heard in a song. What's the most AWESOME line of smack talk you've ever heard? MONSTERS line # trait HEROES line # trait sections 5-7 sections 3-4 sections 1-2 "Fate will unwind
as it must." "Gåð ä wyrd swä hïo scel." - Beowulf DAY 4: Are riddling metaphors that were incredibly popular in Anglo-Saxon times. Kennings: sections 8-10 Examples: Beowulf's woven war-net. Lied dead on the sea bench. Swam along the sea-paths. Can you write a modern kenning of your own? The Fifth Ringing Fruit A Blue-Breasted Battler Nightlong Fund Festival DAY 5: sections 11-13 Why do you think the filmmakers decided to present Grendel's Mother
in this manner?

What does this depiction teach us about "monsters" in modern society? Paragraph Reflection: We've met Grendel, and we know a lot about who (or what) he is.

We've met Beowulf, and we know about the monstrous traits he opposes.

What do you think Grendel's Mother will be like? Explain your thinking. Warm-Up Paragraph: SO... MONSTERS line # trait HEROES line # trait MONSTERS line # trait HEROES line # trait DAY 6: sections 14-17 Alliteration A series of words that all begin with the same sound. "She sells seashells by the seashore." "The fire fell..." "He hefted it high over his head." "The water-witch waited." We've seen Beowulf prove his heroism against two of Denmark's worst monsters. What is Beowulf's greatest STRENGTH?

What is Beowulf's greatest WEAKNESS? defend your answer(s) in a well-reasoned academic paragraph. Bring John Gardner's "Grendel"
to class on Monday. TONIGHT'S HOMEWORK: Read "A Primer of Existentialism"
by Gordon E. Bigelow. Take notes!

There will be an open notes quiz on Bigelow's article on Monday.
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