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What is Poetry?

No description

Josh Eddy

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of What is Poetry?

Poetry is a type of storytelling.

Forms of Poetry:


What is Poetry?
Share to the person next to you what comes to mind when you think of poetry.

Did you agree on the definition of poetry?
Making Connections
Poetry offers a way to make connections between people's lives, the earth, and their relationships.
Followed soon
after language
There are just too many types of poetry.
Poetry varies in what:


poems can be written.
Major Literature Genres


Elements of Poetry
We know Poetry is
Freedom of Poetry
Poems can be written in strict rules of rhyme and meter or with no rules at all!

Poems can be written in any style and can be about nearly anything.

Anyone can write poems.
Poems reflect:
*deepest loves
*simplest experiences
*watching a train
*first day of school
History of Poetry
The Difficulty in Defining Poetry
What are Poems about?
What is Poetry?
It is written intentionally with the goal of conveying a significant experience.
Poetry uses:
*precise, condensed language
*poetic devices
Your Favorite Poem
Poems aren't just found in poetry books. The most well known poems to the general population are songs.
1. Pick one of your favorite songs

2. Write down the first verse/stanza of the song

3. Paraphrase that stanza & write what you think is happening

4. What are the images that come to mind when you read the lyric?

5. Is there any repetition in the lyrics?

6. What feelings/experiences do you think the lyrics reflect?
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