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World War II

Jeff and I

Bethany Kuklok

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of World War II

World War II Alliances during the Second World War, April 1942

Dark Blue - Western Allies (independent countries)
Light Blue - Western Allies (colonies or occupied)
Red - Eastern Allies
Black - Axis (countries)
Dark Gray - Axis (colonies or occupied)
Light Gray - Neutral Chapter 24: Section 1

Dictators Threaten World Peace Soviet Union
Civil War results in communist state called Soviet Union by 1922
Lenin dies in 1924 - Joseph Stalin takes over
Transformations lead to many deaths
1939 = totalitarian government: complete control over citizens, individuals have no rights, and gov't suppresses all opposition The End of WWI brought:
Nationalism: loyalty to one's country above all else
Rise of powerful dictators to solve economic and social problems Italy
Benito Mussolini takes leadership
Facism: stressed nationalism and placed the interests of the state above those of individuals
1922 - Facists march on Rome in black uniforms - "Black Shirts"
Mussolini appointed as head of gov't - Il Duce, "the leader" Germany
Adolf Hitler joins National Socialist German Workers Party - Nazi Party
Speaking leads to "Der Fuhrer"
Mein Kampf written with three main elements (unity, racial purification, and expansion)
Depression brings Nazis to power
Weimar Republic replaced by Third Reich Japan
Belief in need for more living space
Attack Manchuria, China
League of Nations condemns Japan
Japan leaves League - militarists in control of Japan Failure of League:
Hitler Pulls out and begins troop build up
Mussolini begins his New Roman Empire and targets Ethiopia Spain:
1936 Rebellion led by General Francisco Franco
Spanish Civil War
Western democracies nuetral
Soviet Union, Germany, and Italy support
Fascist Spain American Response
Alarmed, but wanted no involvement
Nuetrality Acts
Helping China
FDR against isolationsim
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