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The Promise of Programmatic

No description

Stephanie Chicoine

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of The Promise of Programmatic

The Pregame
Building out a Needs Analysis
Identifying current display marketing
Knowledge of campaigns
Using search engines
Visiting competitors
Overcoming objections
The Evolution
What did "Optimized" Display look like?
Apply to the Client
Display experience
Conversion metrics
Test knowledge
Ask questions
Identify targets
Find pain
our goal is to connect on every impression
The Promise of Programmatic
Thank you!

Digital Training 2014

Change the Conversation
Site Retargeting
Search Retargeting
Contextual Retargeting
The Difference
Elemental Data- Singular Data Points
Putting audience first- tracking users
Seeking engagement
Price & Package
CPM, CPC, CPA Pricing Models
Branding vs. Lead Generation vs. Customer Acquisition
Keyword Recommendations
How did publishers sell data?
How was this data packaged?
Where was it sold?
How was it bought?
Who bought it?
How did they know what to buy?
How could the data be trusted?
How could advertisers overcome these problems?
Trading Desk / Buyer
Work Backwards
RTB + SEO/SEM + Retargeting
Apply this logic to current campaigns
Target competitors
Leverage multiple campaigns
Match impressions to conversions
Grow target and explore audiences
Choosing a Pricing Model
Identifying Client Goals
Building Keyword List
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