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1.1.3 Emergency!

No description

Kristen Gile

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of 1.1.3 Emergency!

Staff Schedule
Patient 16
Patient 7
My innovation is a tracking device on how to keep track of where each patient is and which room they're staying in. After receiving your admissions bracelet, the receptionists will give you a tracking bracelet with a built in GPS, heart monitor, etc.
The GPS is to find which room you are in and which patient you are.
It has a built in bluetooth system that connects to the iPad that the LPN will have.
There will be 15 nurses on duty from 7am to 7pm and another set of nurses will take over from 8pm-8am.
Since there is 15 total, I was going to have 7 nurses in Emergent, 3 in urgent, 3 in non urgent, and 2 in the operating room.
There will be 16 doctors as well; same time. 5 doctors in the OR, 4 in the Emergent, 3 in the urgent, 3 in non urgent, and one in the clinic.
1 radiologist, but 2 on call. From 7am-5pm is the first shift. 5pm-3am is the second shift.
Receptionists: 2-4 staffs from 7am-5pm is the first shift and 5pm-3am is second shift.

Hailey Simko is a 42 year old lady who was pinned in a car after a motor vehicle accident and a metal shard got lodged in her chest. She's having trouble breathing. Soon, a helicopter approached to take her to the hospital and had to get shocked by a defib TWICE. She is stabilized, but it took 2 hours just to help her. A significant amount of blood was loss and she has to wear an oxygen mask.
Drea Nunzio is a 7 year old girl who has been throwing up late in the evening after coming home from a soccer party. Vomiting continues in the ER with really bad stomach pains she showed up at the the ER in a private vehicle. She has a history otitis media and chronic bronchitis and her father has a history of crohn's disease.
Biomedical Innovations
By: Kristen Gile
1.1.3 Emergency!
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