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Congress of Vienna

No description

Jesse Reis

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Congress of Vienna

1)Liberalism – a philosophy that supported guarantees for individual freedom, political changes and social reform.
They supported
Ideas of the French Revolution
Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Education
Ideas that gov’t should be fixed so that educated people like themselves could be involved.
Free them from foreign control
After Napoleon’s defeat many conservatives were in power throughout Europe, however liberalism was growing
2) Conservatism – a philosophy that supported the traditional political and social order and resisted changes that threatened that way of life.
They supported
Gradual change and despised radical change that destroyed traditions such as the monarchy and nobility
Respect for custom and Tradition
The belief that only the wisest most talented people should rule
3)Status Quo – the existing state of affairs
Militarism - the glorification of the military and a readiness for war
Congress of Vienna
Following the exile of Napoleon to Elba, the victorious Allied powers began a series of committee sessions in Vienna to sort out the problems of Europe.
The Big Four were Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia, although the newly royalist France was invited to join later.
Restored the royal families of Spain, Portugal and Sardinia.
The key thing in the minds of the Allies was to organize a peace that would bring stability to Europe and contain, but not punish France.
The Congress of Vienna wanted to focus on two general ideas
Restoring power to the royal families that lost their thrones to Napoleon. (This included Louis XVIII in France)
2)Restoring the balance of Power
France was reduced to its pre-French Revolution borders. (Treaty of Paris)
The Dutch and the Austrian Netherlands were made into the Netherlands
The German Confederation was to be headed by Austria
Switzerland became an independent nation
Sardinia was granted land on continental Europe
Poland became part of Russia
The Congress did not consult the people in these areas they handed over to other countries.
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