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Doctors without borders

No description

dylan s

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Doctors without borders

Doctors without borders
Doctors without borders was founded in Paris December the 20Th 1971 and is an agency that has doctors working for free to go and help everywhere around the world after the disasters occurred.
What places do they operate in
In the last couple of years or months the agency of doctors without borders has been to Syria, Haiti, and they have helped with diseases all across Africa.
Where they are helping in the world right now
As I said the past few months they have most recently been helping Syria during the war. They have supplied things like bandages and medicine in Syria and have healed the ones that have been injured.
In short The doctors without borders is an relief agency that comes to help and heal places of time in need no matter where that place is in the world and we hope you put your faith in this agency.
Doctors without borders info
this has been a public service announcement.
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