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presentation of #Junto - radical online telepresence

Ishan Shapiro

on 2 January 2017

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Transcript of #Junto

radicalLY open telepresence. What is #junto? Within 10 hours of initial tweet that the Junto prototype was live, there were over 15 active video participants and 500 unique visitors The Narrative of Junto Junto started as an idea on @venessamiemis' blog, Emergent by Design. Originally, “The Junto was a club established in 1727 by Benjamin Franklin for mutual improvement. Its purpose was to debate questions of morals, politics, and natural philosophy, and to exchange knowledge of business affairs.” [wikipedia] The response to the post was immediate, with over 111 responses, some incredibly in-depth, on Venessa's blog. Soon Dave Carroll, assistant professor at Parson's School of Design, approached Venessa with the offer to help her put together a prototype. "Delivered in Alpha" Cisco confirms Open Source TIP (Telepresence Interoperability Protocol) ((there is no "business" model - it is similar to the FCC established rules of amateur radio – non-commercial and decent communication required – except it is not using a limited frequency spectrum.)) What's going for us? What makes it different? No passwords, no registration Open collaborative design project Simple interface AN Open Design Process Interface 0.1 modular, widget-based Transparency in collaboration Demoed live at Re:publica, exposure at Social Business Edge, ARBcon Berlin, Wisdom 2.0 conference, use as backchannel for Social CMO (May) & FooCamp (July), A dedicated intentional community of innovators and initiators Future functionality live collaborative whiteboard dialogue & concept mapping capability speech-to-text engine temporal annotations - time-coded and tagged Junto video sessions for easy search & reference intuitive symbol language to express intentions of interaction (with each other & with information An emergent Discussion Platform Where are we now? Prototype 0.04 build next prototype using Adobe Flex Strong belief in innovation coming from open processes initiative-driven distributed leadership model Junto Uses education interactive talk radio What's emerged is a team of initiators who began engaging with each other deeply in free-spirited, collaborative development, open to any and all to join. community debate decentralized p2p system using open source technology communities of practice for project collaboration Real-time public discussion platform Radical? Sure. Necessary? Probably. Game Changer? Would you? rapidfire innovation manifested in real-time rapid prototyping open synchronous informal video chat developing and tracking ideas together completely user-customizable layout Within 2 days, the prototype was up. Source code on Github Ready to build 2nd Prototype in Adobe FLex Alpha built in Flash Next steps expand circle of collaborators to include developers reach out to already existing networks to utilize Junto semantic topic and conversation search Tinychat launches video chat service with twitter integration Skype announces premium (paid) group videoconferencing service (with max to 5 participants) We'd like to find out. In 2 weeks time, it's received 3000 unique visitors, the hashtag #junto has over 1000 tweets in its archive, and received such visitors as Tim Berners-Lee & Tim O'Reilly (maybe):-), among many others. @aquarious kept rolling out small updates, as the prototyping was done on the platform itself we're prototyping.
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