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Bianca The History of Light

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on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Bianca The History of Light

The History of Light
By: Bianca
Miss Voss
4th grade
Fire Ancient Times
Before, people used fire for lighting. For example candles, fireplaces, oil lamps, etc. This was used to light up peoples houses when the sun set. If people wanted to cook or craft something they could have enough
light to do it. People didn't care so much
about light but it was still helpful to
human beings. Now people could see
better after the sun set. Fire was the 1st
way to get light.
Gas lamps 1800
In addition to fire, gas lamps were invented. People only had fire at their own houses so they wanted to have light outside on streets. People would have to hold their own lighting when they
went out. Because of this addition
people could now see better outside
and wouldn't have to carry their
own lighting around. Gas lamp
were a really helpful change.
Joseph Swan's Lightbulb 1879
In about 1879 Joseph Swan wanted to create better light so he invented the 1st lightbulb. Gas lamps were were dangerous because when people forgot to turn of the gas inside it, the gas went to the air and people breathed on it. That
made people sick. Joseph's
lightbulb didn't last so long. It was
made with carbon, metal
wires and glass. It wasn't
successful but it inspired Thomas
Edison to try to make another
bulb. Joseph's lightbulb was a
good first step to make a lightbulb.
Thomas Edison's Lightbulb 1879
In 1879 Thomas created a working lightbulb. When Joseph used carbon it made the glass turn black. Also the wires melted when they got too
hot. So Edison used a different material
called carbonized cotton. Because of
Thomas Edison's light, now we have a
better way to illuminate places.
Williams Improvements 1910
When Edison's bulb became popular, Williams wanted to make it better. He wanted it to last longer and make it brighter. He found
a new filament with bamboos. Now
it lasts a lot more and it is much
brighter. Thanks for this improvement,
the lightbulb is better.
"The lightbulb" by Marc Tyler Nobleman
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