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How did the changes resulting from isolation affect Japan econimcally, politically, and socially during the Edo Period?

By: Ania, Mira, and Celena

Mira Saba

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of How did the changes resulting from isolation affect Japan econimcally, politically, and socially during the Edo Period?

How did the changes resulting
from isolation affect Japan? Economically Socially Politically Unfortunately, due to the social structure at the time which was enforced by rigid rules, some of these values such as personal freedom became difficult to meet or came with a cost. Overall, changes from Japan's isolation had a positive influence on the countries economy but a slight negative effect as well. Because of its isolation, Japan didn't have the opportunity to trade with outside countries. Due to this, Japan's economy was held back because they had to continue using rice as payment in most transactions. (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Economically Due to their isolation, Japan's economy was not affected by outside influences. Over the years they established their own particular type of society which, with time, developed into a very stable and peaceful economy. Japan's economy benefited from the peace in the country and soon enough Japan became very wealthy. Socially Because the Japanese were isolated from the world, they were able to create their own unique culture which changed very little over a long period of time. Without outside influences, they had free range to create a society that reflected who they were; their values and what was important to them. Some of these values were peace, security, social order and harmony, and time for recreation enjoyment and personal expression. Politically The isolation of Japan affected the social structure because the Japanese had no knowledge that their positions in the feudal system were able to change. In order to keep peace, the Shogun felt as though he needed to keep any foreign traders and christians in the feudal system. Japan was not used to bandits, robbers, and pirates which were common in other countries at the time. After the Edo Period, the feudal system went under and lower ranks flourished. The emperor put the Shogun in charge to ensure people were following the rules and laws. A project done by
Ania, Mira, Celena! Thanks For Watching!
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