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American Dream

No description

Nethaniella Guasa

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of American Dream





Josue Guerra, Nethaniella O. Guasa, Cassidy & Kaitlyn Ozcelebi
And how it's dead.
What is the American Dream?
Is it Dead or Alive?
What is the perspective of the American dream to foreigners and natives?
Will It Be Revived?
Low skill levels
The American Dream is a
traditional belief of having
successful future and opportunity. [1]
American dream has become impossible to achieve lately. [2]
Recent studies show that poor children usually don't leave that class. [3]
The rich have better education and there [4]

[7] http://www.businessweek.com/stories/2003-11-30/commentary-waking-up-from-the-american-dream
We are Americans: Undocumented Students Pursuing the American Dream
By William Perez
The Great Risk Shift: The New Economic Insecurity and the Decline of the American Dream by Jacob Hacker
Dead at the moment
Can be revived
A good job
Quality education
Home and affordable health care
Opportunities for the poor
New coalition
Clean out of corrupt government officials
The determination of the American dreams to Native born Americans is slowly dying.(5)
Foreigners still believe in the American dream and are in hot pursuit of it.(6)
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